Starlite… Nothing Like Lite-Bright… Way Cooler

Maurice Ward in 2011 from
Maurice Ward in 2011 from

Revolutionary material that is resistant to heat…not just any heat, but extreme temperatures close to the heat of a nuclear bomb. Material that could save countless numbers of people with just as countless numbers of applications. This material could revolutionize and bring safety standards to the next level of heat protection. Main people directly affected by its abilities are firefighters and the aeronautics industry as well as space programs. The material is the future and well…its real…and nobody knows how the hell to make it…except for one man, Maurice Ward.

That’s right this material does in fact exist, one such test was to hold a blow torch to a raw egg for at least 10 minutes and then remove the heat…the material is instantly cool to the touch and the egg is still raw inside. Who is this great man of science who created such a wonderful and ingenious product??? Well he is in fact a hairdresser…yes a hairdresser, no specialized training, but a man with a mind and plan and a dream. This man created the ultimate fire proof fabric which was inspired by a great plane crash that killed 40 people in 40 seconds due to heat and smoke inhalation.

The fantastic material was named Starlite and Maurice Ward is it’s proud father of invention. Now you would say to yourself why have we not heard about this amazing invention of fabric ingenuity??? Why is this not a common household name and why aren’t we using it today???

Well that would be because Mr. Maurice Ward was very very paranoid about his invention. When he would give samples to companies to test for themselves he would make sure he was there with it and that it would never leave his sight. He was extremely afraid that the companies testing it would try to reverse engineer it so he never let any sample out of his sight. He kept the secret well guarded as to its make up composition and for the most part nobody could figure out exactly how he made it.

So why is it not being used to day…well he also wanted 51% of all profit that would come from such a commercialized finding. That’s would never happen in today’s business world, now had he asked for 30-35% he probably would have gotten it and still become and extremely wealthy man from it. He however wanted the full 51% and never, from my research, swayed from it when offered lower.

Maurice Ward is the only person who has the exact recipe for this incredible life changing material…well I should say was because he just recently passed away and took the formula to his grave. There are some who say that his family knows the formula, but then there are those who say the British government has the formula and is suppressing it from the public for its own needs. Gee…we never heard that one before about governments holding back information for their own selfish reasons.
So here we have and seen for our very own eyes and invention that could save the world. An invention that was created in order to do just that yet somehow greed and money got in the way just as it has so many times in history and will continue to do so for the rest of eternity. Maurice Ward was a man who created a miracle material and then took the life saving formula to his grave…so sad.

Be safe and share your inventions,
Jon Bolton