Explaining the Unexplainable

unexplained lightning

For the last few years the founder of the Midnight Watchmen, John C. Fowler, has been trying to get me to write on how I can communicate with the “spirits” or what I would like to call them “energies”.  I kept telling him that it is very hard, almost impossible, to explain what I go through when I interact with the energies.

The first thing that is the most hardest to get people to understand is that each individual has a different belief system.  Each a different way of thinking of how the world is put together, of religion, and what they will allow themselves to believe to be true or false.  People use words like “angel”, “demon”, “heaven”, or “hell” to describe a negative or positive energy and the realms that they supposedly dwell once they are gone from this physical plane of existence.  I do not believe in any of these places or things.  I do occasionally use these words to describe the energies I deal with, especially when I see the lost look in someone’s eyes.

To understand how I interact with the energies the first thing people need to do is to put away everything they were ever taught about religion, god, Satan and the afterlife.  The energy I deal with has no highest being wether it be positive or negative.  Every person is just energy in a physical form and because of this each of us is able to interact with other forms of energy.

I can hear, see, and feel them, but not in the way that we do in the physical world.  I hear their voices in my head as my own, but the ideas or information is not something I would normally think or know.  Words or phrases will pop into my head in the middle of my thoughts and I have no idea where they come from.  But when I say these things out loud they might make sense to someone in the area.  They can tell me personal information like their age at the time of their passing, or cause of death, or even a personal message that they would like to get to someone.

When I see the energies it is not with my physical eyes, but by with what some would call a “third eye”.  I’m shown what looks like an 8 mm film running through my mind.  In this way I’m able to pick a certain frame to see things.  Also at times they show me actual pictures that have already been taken that they remember seeing in their lifetime.  In this way I’m able to describe what the energy might have looked like in their physical being, perhaps a family heirloom, or place that has special meaning to the energy and their family left behind.  Sometimes they actually play back the exact moment of their deaths.  And some of those can be quite gruesome to see.

The most difficult of my abilities to deal with is the ability to feel them.  I feel them in all ways from physically, mentally, and emotionally.  This gift can be very draining and confusing if one cannot control it.  I feel physical pain that the energies went through in their physical life.  A very good example of feeling the physical pain was one of the first times I was in the Jennie Wade house.  I was in the kitchen listening to the history of the building when I started feeling this extremely sharp pain in my back and it continued through my body and then was gone in an instant.  The pain was so extreme that I couldn’t catch my breath.  When I feel them mentally I kind of go into a trance state or have waves of dizziness and black outs.  This is how they let me know they are around when I first reach out to them to communicate.  Finally feeling them emotionally is the hardest and most draining.  I can feel the sadness that they didn’t get to say goodbye, or anger at dying at a young age, or contempt that they are dead and we are not.  Thankfully I also feel peace that the pain of their physical bodies are gone or happiness that their families have moved on or grown.

All of these abilities are seen by some as a gift and others view it as a curse, but whatever their views unfortunately there is no off button or mute button either.  Hopefully through this article you can better understand what people like me can do and also the price we pay for our gifts.  So the next time you ask someone to explain how they do things they do and they answer you that they can’t, please don’t think we don’t want to tell you, but at times the unexplained is best left unexplained.

Chris Smith