Undisclosed Location – Personal Experiences on 9/11/12

That night was pretty interesting to say the least. The first thing that happened was while I was watching the DVR system. One of the motion sensors we set up went off, for what appeared to be no reason. I know the DVR was recording at the time so will review it. Though knowing cameras were still being set up at the time it could have been tripped by a wire.

During the night we heard a lot of things that seemed out of place. The only one that sticks out right now was the little girl I heard at the far end of the hall. No one else heard it that was with me (Trevor Gibson, Cedric). Hopefully it was captured by a recorder and can be verified. The coolest thing that happened to me was near the end of the night. We were all heading back to start packing up when the REM field on my Mel Meter started going off. It was not active all night. What ever was setting it off was moving around the hallway. It seemed to have some intelligence to it since it did respond to Cedric’s request to set off it off the count of three. After a little bit we moved on since it had been an all night event.

I am looking forward to going back to see what else we can get.

Jonahtan Brandis