JFK & Marilyn Monroe…. And Don’t Forget the UFOs


In the many many…did I mention many publications I read and research as well as watch over and over again till my eyes bleed I have come across an interesting tale of mystery. It is the classic government conspiracy, in fact some of you may know the first part of it, but there are many who aren’t quite aware of the second part to this tale. Many know that JFK and Marilyn Monroe are surrounded in tales of conspiracy and mystery, in fact if you didn’t know that then I would say you have been living under a rock for most of your life. Now we all know about the conspiracies of them sleeping together, his death and her death…but do you know about their shared conspiracy theory in regards to UFOs???

Now this is another theory surrounding both JFK and Marilyn’s deaths, but this ties them together under one umbrella as to the reason as why they were killed…and I do believe both deaths were planned out. You see thanks to the Freedom of Information Act some documents have surfaced from the CIA in which it is stated the JFK was requesting information regarding UFOs. It was also believed that he was entertaining the idea to do a joint space exploration program with the Soviet Union, yes the same Soviet Un ion responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis at the time. It was said he believed that together they could explore space and find other worlds with life on it especially in relation to things that had been seen and found on earth ie UFO sightings and crashes.

They say it was because of this inquiry that the hit was put out onto JFK. And how does Marilyn tie into this, well she also knew about the UFOs and the day before she was going to go public with her relationship with JFK and his brother, but also because of her knowledge of the UFOs.
Now I know what you’re thinking…this is just one story amongst many surrounding their deaths and their mysterious lives that they led both individually and together. Yet as I said earlier thanks to the Freedom of Information Act there are supporting documents to verify this “theory” as it were. If you Google NSAM 271 it will bring up multiple links regarding JFK’s interest in joining with the Soviet Union to jointly explore space. Now if you read all the documentation you will see that there is some crypticness that alludes to UFOs, but it is there.

Now as for how we know Marilyn knew anything about the UFOs it was documented in a phone recording between a journalist and one of Marilyn’s close friends. So could this be real??? The only person who would know for sure is unfortunately deceased.

Did JFK really know the CIA had information on UFOs??? I think he did I think every single president has some type of information on some of the shady programs this government has to hide. I think he saw using UFOs as a way to gain alliance with a bitter enemy of the Soviet Union and together they could protect the world. Its admirable in my opinion and look at how he handled things with the Cuban Missile Crisis, he didn’t fold under pressure and he wanted to do everything he could to make the USA the best and better than the rest of the world even if it meant teaming up with our enemy at the time.
Do I think both JFK and Marilyn were killed due to a UFO cover-up…no I do not. I think they were “silenced” due to other matters of national security, but it’s a nice tale to tell when you think of all the conspiracy theories tied to these two individuals and UFOs.

So take the time and look this one p because it is a good one in my opinion. It’s one of those small little theories that keeps me going and makes me enjoy researching and learning more and more about what this earth has to offer.

Be safe and happy birthday Mr. President,
Jon Bolton

Note: Here is a link to wet your whistle as it were.