Ghost Teams Unite! Or is it Oppress?


I’ve been thinking allot about these famous ghost associations, like Taps Family or GAC (Ghost Adventures Crew).  In case you don’t know, these are a way for paranormal groups who prolly have never met the famous parent teams to be  “part of” family/crew….  Now Taps Family for example has strict rules to be part of the family, which is good thing! All teams in this field need good rules and principles to follow, that I agree with 100%.

What I don’t agree with is a team like TAPS or Ghost Adventures basically becoming an idol and blindly followed because of the doors it can open.  I’m told being a Taps Family or GAC member allows you access because of their name to get into places….. Well whoop de do. When I got into the paranormal my goal was to explore the unknown, not to use some one elses name in the field to get me into places.  Anyone whose known me for awhile knows I stand on my own, i’m unique and love the fact that Midnight Watchmen are unique as well!  I’ve gotten into places no one has because of the leg work we did, not someone elses!

I’d rather be remembered for doing my own thing then following in footsteps of another just because their famous… Strike your own path!   I’m also worried that TAPS or GAC in some way form would ‘cherry pick’ the hot case and leave a local team out because they the head of the house.  That being said, I have no ill will or bad things to say about Taps Family or GAC members.  This is just how I feel overall on the subject.

And i’ll state here, now… That Midnight Watchmen will never be a Taps Family or GAC member or start our own crew/family.  We work with anyone and everyone.  I personally believe Para Unity or whatever you want to call it will only work with teams working together, not under the “big dogs”…