Cannon Shots!

Cannon Shots

As some of you who follow us here may have noticed a few new names popped up for writing lately:  Jon Bolton, Frank Heiberger, & ParanomGal.  Jon Bolton is John Cannon our fellow Midnight Watchmen member, he’s decided to return to his real name for his paranormal adventures. Frank Heiberger is a paranormal Investigator from Chicago, Illinois and contributes to our Cannon Shots section.  ParanormalGal is a western Pennsylvania investigator and Cannon Shots contributor as well.

Cannon Shots is what I call articles that range in topics and views that may not be generally Midnight Watchmen’s.  I as the founder let them run wild, hitting any mark they see fit. These writers are not given assignments or ideas, they totally go on their own for their posts/ideas.  Which is what makes their writings unique and we hope thought provoking!

Different ideas have been the corner stone of the Midnight Watchmen style of operation. We have never kept people from have their own opinions, even if they differ from ours.  I know for a fact that Jon Bolton for lack of a better term tweaked people with his article on “White Light Healing… Someone Call an Electrician“, and that started a nice debate on the subject internally and out worldly with others.

So let me officially welcome Jon Bolton, Frank Heiberger & ParanomGal to our team of thought provoking writers of Cannon Shots! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!