Who’s Observing Who?

I recently posted that paranormal unity was a noble idea, but a practical impossibility because of the differing purposes of people involved. The two worst are those seeking to become famous and those who cannot tolerate even the slightest criticism of their conclusions. Orbs? Please. Here’s some Endust and a fly swatter; problem solved.

Myself, I am about to blog a partial retraction of my last post regarding the Sedamsville Rectory. (See my blog Paranormal Sojourner.) I operate under a strict protocol, when it comes to evidence, particularly that of psychics. I know many people who simply won’t use them because their readings cannot be verified. I will accept their readings as plausible to probable, if more than one picks up on the same things independently or they match history or facts unknown to them.

But if only one person senses something, I may act on it during an investigation, but will not consider it evidence. Which leads me to the retraction I will need to make. At the time, I had thought two psychics had picked up on a sect of pagans. In comparing notes, I have learned it was only one. Further, I have not been able to confirm such a sect through follow up research. I must therefore conclude that there are not and never were any pagans performing sadistic rituals on the spot of the Rectory. That was a figment of one person’s imagination.

The Pukwudgie, on the other hand, has been detected by several people over a period of time. A Pukwudgie is a native imp, which would have been there long before people settled the area, and which likes to cause discord and even harm. Likely, it put those ideas of pagans into our colleagues head just to mess with us. It may also explain another Sedamsville legend: Sleeper’s Hill, where a sadistic killer dismembered young victims and scattered the body parts throughout the forest.

This brings me to the question that’s on my mind. How would we know when the entities themselves are manipulating our findings?

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