Paracons Every Weekend????

First of all, let me say that i think a paracon is a great idea to let different teams meet, share experiences and try to educate the public. However, is it really necessary to have one every weekend??? My facebook page is overwhelmed with pictures and advertisements of this paracon and that paracon. What it is NOT overwhelmed with is information about what people are learning through paranormal investigating and research done to prove or disprove different theories and evidence. What is this field becoming? Unfortunately, I do know a few groups (who will remain nameless) that do nothing but travel to these various paracons, make “personal appearances”, pocket a wad of cash and use it as an excuse to party all night & cheat on their spouses. One group in particular that claim to be “experts” in the field don’t even do any investigating ! As a matter of fact, one of the founders of the group asked me to show him how to use a PX at an open ghost hunt that his group sponsored! It is laughable at best to consider this person an “expert” in this field. He is only a celebrity in his own mind. Isn’t this field about “investigating” the paranormal and coming up with answers to the phenomenon that people experience? How did this turn into “paranormal celebrities” lining their pockets with money to make personal appearances?? My idea of a paracon is something that happens once a year when ‘real’ paranormal investigators gather FOR FREE, compare findings and educate each other & the public. I find it sad and upsetting that people who have no paranormal background or education are jumping on the paranormal bandwagon and using these “paracons” as a way to make money for themselves. I’m not saying there are not genuine people out there who do have the knowledge and experience, but it seems to me the posers outweigh the real ones. To me, this is yet another thing that makes what we do look cheap and exploited. Just my two cents….