I Feel It Coming In the Night….

I can’t help but feel an upswing for us (Midnight Watchmen), many great things are coming later this year heading into next year, investigations-events-and much more.  When I feel this shift i get excited, the energy calling me to whats next, the fun part? I have no idea where it leads just that its going somewhere I HAVE TO BE.

Those times only have happened a couple of times for me.   One was the night before we did The Orphanage the first time out in Gettysburg, PA.  I’ll never forget looking over the rail of the hotel that overlooks Jennie Wade House and staring at The Orphanage across the street thinking to myself “What have you got for me” and deep down knowing things will change, that next night I met Chris. She been a close friend and confidant ever since.   Things were never the same. lol

Its those times that drive me to the What’s Next?? Mentality I have. I’m along for the ride, sometimes more realistically, i’m being me, just following the path i’m supposed to be on.  Their isn’t much that surprises me on a case, no but i’m amazed at what we find as much as what we don’t. And their is no question in my mind the spirit world exists or that they are here now watching & reading this with you…

Have a great day everyone!