Paranormal 101: Ghost Apps for Smart Phones

ghost app ghost capture iphone app

We keep seeing these photo’s pop up that groups across the country are thinking are paranormal in origin and are really just Ghost Apps… Its sad, not that people are trying to fool these groups, but that groups fall for it or worse yet know its fake and try to pass it off to make themselves look better!  A lot of the photo’s like the one with a little girl Victorian era clothing is in, is one of the most recognizable photo hoaxes out there and people still fall for it!

What these apps do is allow a person to add ghosts to the photos you’ve taken on your phone.  Instant paranormal photo! Good for fun, nothing else…

As investigators we all need to really evaluate not just the evidence we capture, but the things sent to us by potential clients.  We have to be honest with not just ourselves, but them. It is  the only way to advance the field – Truth & Honesty!

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