Update: 6-16-2012

Hello everyone after talking and really digging into alot the last few weeks about digital photography and how settings can cause  false positives I came to the conclusion that the picture from our private case on 7-17-2010 seen below is NOT paranormal, though it is very interesting to look at, because looking deeper into the photo’s meta data that tells us if the flash was used, iso speed, F-stop settings, etc. Tells us that the photo is an extreme light source movement blur caused by a shaky hand and camera settings at time of picture being snapped – we have since changed our investigative guidelines to have all pictures from this point on be shot from on a tripod and have moved this picture to our 50/50 section.

Formerly Unexplained Light
Formerly Unexplained Light

We have never been ones to stop learning and now that we know what caused this we moved its designation. While we continue our journey and learn whats really out their we have no problem sharing images, video & audio for peer review.  We believe in sharing knowledge and ideas.   We hope you continue on this journey with us! We are proud to be part of the paranormal community and are pleased that we have done a few things first – as well as have the ability to continue to grow as investigators and more importantly people!  Thank you all for your help and support. We continue on for that search for the Holy Grail of paranormal research… whatever that is 🙂 The only way we will advance the field is by sharing not just what we have or think we captured but by sharing the knowledge that makes it that…. Take care everyone.