Changes, Changes, Changes…..

Personal life as well as the paranormal field is always changing and evolving… at least it should be.   When we all first started our journey into forming what became the Midnight Watchmen we were young and ready to explore. Over the years since then we’ve lost a few members to life changes, divorce, kids, marriage, money/time. The para field or hobby isn’t cheap, travel costs-place costs-lost time for cases and meetings. It takes it toll on us all!  I’ve never told any members not to put their family first, as if we can’t take care of our selves how are we going to help those who come to us?

I’m still learning new things about digital photography, psychological how the mind works type stuff, website design and generally about people everyday. Its a fun hobby…. it really is so much fun! The history drives me… The EVP’s drive me…. Helping people drives me…. In the end isn’t that whats important? Helping people and the need to learn ‘What’s out there?” I love seeing what happens next – ride continues my friends.

Change is inevitable except from maybe a vending machine… so take it when it comes.