Are Spirits Really Just Harmonic Vibrations?

great-pyramid-sphinxSome days my mind is like walking through a fun house full of mirrors, at the carnival, on acid. I take in information from all sorts of places and tend to just regurgitate it out in some form or another, rarely taking the time to put it down into words. I ask you all to follow me down this twisted little path and gain a little glimpse at the mad house inside my mind.

Let me first state that I am a person who believes in realms and dimensions that we cannot see, touch, hear, understand, or comprehend. I firmly believe that a lot of the knowledge we are stumbling across has already been conceived of and thought through. I buy into the theory that mankind has suffered some cataclysmic event that has shifted us away from the knowledge we once had. The evidence is all around us, you just have to connect the dots.

Different cultures have different views, religions, and beliefs. I find it astonishing how closely these different cultures all tie things together on a basic level, but that’s another story for another time. When it comes to my thought process, I look at knowledge like a giant ball of yarn. Everything I could ever want to learn is just sitting there in front of me, all tangled up. I sit before all those ends like a kitten, waiting to pounce on one and wrestle it free as I continue trying to untangle the giant knot.

The latest thread I’ve been tugging at is what spirits may be. Everyone has, or has heard of, a story where someone has seen a visual specter or ghost. What could it be? Ectoplasm? Energy? I’ve been toying with the notion that spiritual manifestations may be harmonic resonance. How have I arrived at this theory? Egyptian documentaries, and a healthy lust for the paranormal, these are the culprits that I blame.

I was watching a seven part documentary on Netflix called “The Pyramid Code.” As you can probably guess, it dealt with Egypt. I am fascinated with Egypt, and if you actually stop to pay attention to their culture I think that you would be fascinated with it as well. The Egyptian priests were their equivalent of scientists, they possessed all their sacred knowledge. They put this knowledge into books known as the book(s) of the dead. I know, cryptic Hollywood references abound, but it’s true. How fascinating can this be? The current formula that we use for asphalt is derived from a partial formula that we found in the parts of the book of the dead that was recovered and translated. That’s right, I said “part” of the formula. The Egyptians were making asphalt far before we were, and they were making it far better. Their culture is littered with things like this. One more quick example? The Baghdad Battery, google it, it’s amazing.

So, this documentary explains that the Pyramids are built with two different kinds of stone. The bulk of the pyramid is built from a type of granite that is conductive, as in energy. The single outside layer of stone is different, and is not conductive. This means the outer layer of the Pyramid was effectively a dampening shield. The pyramid is designed with a chamber that runs straight into the ground like a “ground wire.”

Quick geology lesson, many many years ago the Nile used to be right in front of the Pyramids. The Pyramids are built on top of Limestone, which is very porous. One of the great features of the Nile was that it flooded very predictably every year; A lot of Egyptian life was based on this cyclical flood, great poems were conducted about it. The water that floods, would seep into the ground stone and become absorbed through the ground chamber. This would store into the giant Pyramid and build a charge, current physicists know little about this area of expertise, it is called Subtle Energy. That is to say that the pyramids sit on a magnetically convergent zone that amplifies the energy that naturally occurs in this world, a lot of world sites are planted on them such as the Incan remnants, bermuda triangle, and the cone of silence in Mexico.

So, you have a highly advanced culture that builds these gigantic freaking structures on a magnetic hotspot for a natural energy convergence point….by accident? How highly advanced is this culture? The Egyptians have a glyph that translates to mean “String Theory” or the quantum theory that is currently coming in to favor that we are not built from circles, but spirals that vibrate from energy and magnetics. This is not a great definition of string theory, but it’ll serve its purpose. The point is, that the Egyptians have a glyph for it and our scientists are just starting to ponder these questions.

The documentary quotes that Steven Hawkins claims there are over 200 unique particles in the Universe, the Dogun (tribe in Africa) priests will tell you there are 266. The Egyptians were obsessed with Death, not necessarily dying…but Death. Their mummification process still baffles modern scientists. So these Pyramids that they built, also happen to be harmonically tuned to different frequencies. Obelisks, the giant structures back in the day, were made from quartz, a crystal that has some amazing powers. Imagine if the Pyramids stored the energy that it created, then expunged it out of their meticulously aligned shafts, and used the Obelisks as WIFI to spread the signal across the globe. Harmonically retuning mankind, towards what ends? Enlightenment? Ascension? I have no idea, but it got me thinking.

I imagine the human mind as a kind of quantum computer, meaning that it functions here and on some other “plane” as well. As creatures who share genetic material that can only be found in the sun RNA, I believe we are genetically unique. I’m not so sure this physical body is really what we’re trapped in, I almost imagine it to be like a carbon suit of armor, and the brain as a sort of wireless hot spot that we tap into. Once we get hit with the right frequency/wavelength we come alive and do the most amazing things as humans. We are alive from energy, and you cannot create nor destroy energy, so what happens when we die?

Following the string theory, imagine if all our of “spirit” was put into a giant pool. You can call this pool whatever you want, but I’m going to refer to it as a universal Gestalt. When we’re born, a small piece of this Universal Gestalt imparts its energy imprint/knowledge into a carbon shell, kind of like hitting a tuning fork and sending it off on its way. When the physical tuning fork is removed, the harmony still resonates without it; The waves continue to ripple. I imagine that not all harmonies are created equal, the impact of certain people are just naturally greater on the world around us. Some people may leave behind larger ripples in the pond than others.

As this ripples collide, maybe they resonate against the physical world. Maybe these are the orbs we see in photographs, harmonic residue that collides and excites the dust particles in the air so that they vibrate and appear in photographic imaging. Want to see something neat? Google pictures of orbs near the Pyramids. The area is literally flooded with orbs at certain times. Imagine ghosts are more concentrated ripples, or maybe their large ripples in smaller corners of the pond that violently smash against the barrier.

This does not explain how some people interact with spirits, this does not explain many things. I do however think that it raises some interesting questions and theories. If spirits were harmonic ripples, it would explain why EVP’s pick them up much better than anything else. The human ear is a poor substitute in comparison to a sensitive microphone. Music, notes, harmony, these all play a large role in the world around us. Everything around us is connected, in ways we cannot begin to imagine. Once you start to unravel one knot, it leads to another knot, and this leads to another knot, and such is the descent into madness. The first step of a perilous journey, but perhaps it’s one we all must take. I thank you for walking this far with me, maybe some day soon we’ll continue down the path and see where it goes.