Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA 5-25-2012

The first recorded event  at  Fort Mifflin dates back to 1778 when the wailing of women could be heard grieving over the loss of their men at the “Siege  Of Fort Mifflin”, when no women were present.  These claims stretch over decades.  The most mentioned claims are:  The Screaming Woman is most often heard in the Officer’s Quarters.  The Philadelphia Police department has even been called out on several occasions with no woman screaming being found. The Faceless Man has been reported to been seen in Casement 5.  The Lamplighter has been spotted by numerous people around the fort carrying an oil-burning lamp.   The Tour Guide is rumored to have given tours to guests dressed in period clothing when in fact no tours were scheduled.  Children & Dogs have been reports of hearing child voices and barking dogs when none are on the property.  Reports of people seeing a ghostly ship docked by the Fort.  A Sad-Looking Man has reportedly been seen walking alone down the road to the gate of the fort.  The Blacksmith Jacob Sauer (though no record exist of him being stationed at the Fort) is thought to reside in the Smithy,  sounds of iron being struck, smells/scents to doors being opened and closed.  Also reports of the scent of bread baking and the sensation of feeling heat (Fire) and the smell of wood burning in the Hearth of one of the Casements .  People have reported being touched, pulled and sometimes held back by an unseen forces.

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Commandant's Quarters
Commandant’s Quarters
Blacksmith Shop
Blacksmith Shop

Members Present: Cedric, Jon Brandis, Trevor Gibson, Johanna.

Guests: NJ ROPE

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Temp. (Average):

Humidity: Unknown

Moon Phase: Unknown

Wind Speed: Unknown

Weather: Clear

# of Pictures: 263

Hours Of Video: N/A

Hours of Audio: 2 Hours, 51 minutes, 4 seconds




Only downside to day investigation, is that the planes fly over at regular intervals causing audio to be worthless as they come in for a landing at the Philly Airport.