I’m Alive

Diablo Cow King

It’s funny how when you look back on your life and think “how did I get here?”,  or maybe more importantly what led me to this point. The highs, the lows… all part of what defines us. I’m thankful for what I have whether its slim pickings or when I feel like a rich man. Some personal issues lately have led me to retrace my life choices.  I thought is there one defining moment that led me to become a paranormal investigator and how has that choice changed/challenged me?

As far back as I can remember Ghostbusters of course caught my attention, but its not that simple. Shows like In search of…., Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World, Unsolved Mysteries captivated me, hell any mystery always has.  Even though some of the shows were outdated even as I discovered them in the 80’s, they had a impact to opening my mind to what ifs.  I remember one of the first books I read by choice was a ghost story one my  dad had. I also remember digging through his book collection for other books on what i’d later refer to as paranormal, found a few that I still have today (Shh, don’t tell… lol).

As a kid I dreamed of becoming a “Ghostbuster” lol to the point that flash forward to my Uncle’s Chet’s funeral that my cousin made the comment something to the effect that I followed my dream.  I had to laugh because i’m not quite busting ghosts, but I could be called a parapsychologist in the vein of Dr. Venkman…

I’ve been trying to hard my whole life to not forget where I come from, where I’ve been or who has influenced me. Part of me is still that shy kid who grew up in Hatfield, Pa. The other part is the one that has talked at Delaware Valley College doing lectures on the paranormal.  I keep saying to myself i’d never have thought this possible when I started and that is true. I can be very quiet which is funny because at times I won’t shut up… those who know me well have seen that first hand (both good and bad).

I guess the point of my rambling is that one never knows what is next in life. You only fail at life by not trying.  I’ve been through per verbally heaven and hell in the last 6 months, but only thing constant has been my drive to follow my dream.  It started as all I wanted to be is a Ghostbuster, then morphed into actually becoming a Ghost Hunter exploring local haunts and legends,  eventually starting this website to document what we found, then stepping up to a Paranormal Investigator and starting www.paranormaldictionary.com.  Now… well that’s fun part…. because I don’t know whats next…. And while G.I. Joe taught me “knowing is half the battle”, the excitement of seeing what happens next and who i’ll meet that’ll change & challenge me is the other half….