Paranormal Q&A with Joe Kline (Chapter 2)

Joe Kline

Who are you? 

I’m Joe Kline, one of the founding members of the Paranormal Encounter Documentation and Research Organization, or P.E.D.R.O. for short.

Do you believe in Reincarnation? Who do you think you were in your past life (or lives)?

I personally believe it to be a possibility, but I don’t think I’m sold on the idea.

What are your thoughts on Para Unity?

We personally work with other groups all the time. It’s a good way to keep up on the latest theories and gadgets. Do we always agree on everything, of course not, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that we can learn from each other.

Have you ever investigated a Church? What are your thoughts on this?

Not an active church, no, but an abandoned ones and ones that have been repurposed. If the owner of the site is open to it, I say go for it.

When having a joint investigation with another team(s), how do you select the team(s) or members of other teams that you invite?

Usually it’s just whoever is available at the time. We’re always open to new people and new ways of looking at things.

What do you tell someone looking to join a team, what should they look for or ask?

We usually tell them to research and go on an open investigation so they know what it’s really like.

Any advice to a group just starting out?

Be open minded and respectful. Enjoy what you’re doing and don’t investigate anywhere without getting proper permission first.

Do you think it’s important to share findings with others in the paranormal community?

Yes, absolutely. They may give you insights into possible explanations, also it brings more investigators to a site. The bragging rights are pretty nice as well.

You run across a team that you feel gives a bad name to the field.  How do you handle the situation?  Do you confront them about it?

Usually we keep our distance. It’s not our place to police the paranormal and groups like these usually don’t stick around for the long haul at any rate.

Do you feel it is important to do a background investigation on the location (land/building) that you’re going to investigate?

Definitely, how else can you substantiate your evidence. A disembodied voice saying “I’m George Washington!” means nothing unless you can prove that there’s some connection to the place you’re investigating. Historical relevance of data decreases the chances of something being dismissed as coincidental.