Paranormal…. Wrestling?

Wrestling's - "4 Horsemen"
Wrestling’s – “4 Horsemen”
Paranormal's - "Fort Worth Paranormal"
Paranormal’s – “Fort Worth Paranormal”

I’m sure the title of this has royally either has you interested or turned off but bear with me as the world of “professional wrestling” and the paranormal are not that far off… Again i’m sure some of you reading this are going “WTF!!! Are you crazy?”, while I admit that it may not be far off it will make sense in  a few just stick with me.

Paranormal and Wrestling probably seem totally different to most people, but in reality and with a closer investigation will tell you otherwise…. Both Wrestling and Paranormal have a huge fan base and followers! That is the simple and easy to see part now lets dig deeper, shall we?  There is always another rock layer to be found to any thought process….

In wrestling you have huge promotions that used to be regionally based, for example the  North East region was PA up to NY areas and South West was  like southern California areas.  Paranormal groups to have regions too… We have groups that are “bigger” like T.A.P.S. is mostly New England area, SJGR is Philly/NY/NJ areas and beyond, etc. Now Nothing is stopping any group wrestling or paranormal form doing their thing in other areas they are just more based out of these areas and have a stronger presence in their home “turf”.  Paranormal is starting to become the same way groups are getting bigger with lots of local ones and a few regional ones.

Stables in wrestling were powerful groups that joined together to cause havoc or save the day… We have that in the paranormal as well with larger groups like TAPS Family or Ghost Adventures Crew, which “unites” smaller paranormal groups with the more well known team.

Wrestling has the legends that came before the current superstars, paranormal has the same thing. Wrestling list is long.. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Freddie Blassie, Andre The Giant, etc. Paranormal has John Zaffis, Harry Houdini,  Hans Holzer, etc. They’ve influenced what came next as the new generation will do the same endless cycle.

Now the for me the most important similarity… Whats seen/perceived by people and whats actually happening on TV/SHOW/INVESTIGATION! Wrestling plans out the event/show like like the paranormal does for its investigation/hunt. What’s seen on TV is not everything that happened which is true for both. There is behind the scenes things in the wrestling and paranormal that do not make the “air” so to speak.  Setting up how the match “works” for wrestling and the true review for paranormal investigations/hunts.

In the end their are allot of similarities between wrestling and the paranormal, maybe that’s why SYFY has both wrestling and paranormal shows… or maybe its just a decision to make the most money.. .who knows its a business…. And we all know business’ make some unique choices to stay on top… hey so do paranormal groups…. well that thought might be for another blog… another day….