Paranormal Q&A with Dave Newman

Who are you?

Dave Newman co-founder/director of Fairless Hills Paranormal Group founded in 2008.

Explain your Methodology?

My group uses the basic scientific methods using measuring tools such as emf meters, we approach each investigation with a open mind and a little bit skepticism.

Favorite Haunts?

My favorite haunted places are Bolton Mansion and Fort Mifflin.

Personal Experiences?

While at Bolton Mansion I was able to catch an object being dropped from the ceiling on camera and at Ft Mifflin I experienced a black mass in casemate 5 coming towards me before disappearing.

Why did you get into the Paranormal?

Our group was formed because when you mentioned what you were doing (ghosthunting) a lot of people were interested, so we created the group. Later after our group was established our focus turned to helping people.

Whats next?

Since our group is still growing we are still focused on helping others and learning. So as of right now we are still investigating new places and helping new and old clients with no major future plans.

Strongest Evidence with link to it??

Our Bolton experience can be found on YouTube the link can be found by going to our website

What’s your most asked Question by people?

The one question that always seems to come up at every event, class or investigation is ” why do you investigate at night”.

Dream Case/Investigation?

My goal is to investigate the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

Do you think that paranormal shows (radio/TV/Internet) gives groups a bad reputation?

I think the shows helped the field by introducing it to the public but I also think it hurts the field when they make up and fake evidence.

 Tell us a strange but true fact bout your group?

Our group is built with a bunch of people that are not judged on what they know but how well we mesh. We believe you can teach someone how to investigate but if they need to mesh well with the group.