You Know What Grinds My Gears??

you-know-what-really-grinds-my-gearsI call this blog ‘Diary of the Watchmen’ because I wanted to share all of our experiences in the world we know as paranormal.  I try to share the investigative/event end more than my experiences with people in the field/hobby we all love, but lately honestly I’ve ran into so many closed-minded people its a embarrassment!  It required me to post in not so many words on Facebook this: “We support the idea of Paranormal Unity, backing each other, sharing ideas, finding the truth, healthy debates, nonjudgmental views and teamwork. Unity is like a family sure there a few black sheep, but they still family… Don’t banish them – help them! We are tired of seeing self and/or group centered views… lets all move forward together to something better shall we?”

I’ve seen these two groups bash each other on their pages over some financial deal they had in place and both parties think the other is to blame – fine but keep it off your pages! One said I had to post so others wouldn’t get doped! My response was keep it on your personal page or hell private messages, you have a court case coming up what if your wrong? Sadly I was blamed for taking the other side…. But I stated so accurately on my way out of that post before it was deleted (They finally saw how unprofessional whole post was…) was: ‘It’s amazing to me that a group bashes another for whatever reason, and somewhere down below in the comments some idiot says: “We support Paranormal Unity, *insert group name* is with you on this…. ” Isn’t that not Unity? Just saying… Seen it a few times with different groups and different issues, Shouldn’t unity be about working together, not a pissing contest or a friend poll?’

Secondly where do some of these ‘para-celebs’ come off thinking they are better than other investigators because they got lucky enough to be on TV? I had a “request” to put it nicely  to fix someone’s page on and if I wouldn’t fix it to delete the page…. Problem was this ‘para-celeb’ approved the page in December when we talked, they even went as far in the email they sent me to say what needed corrected! Now they come complaining to me it’s not what they want, well then sign up and keep your page updated and information you want up! That’s the point of the site! I can lock pages down to verified users for these ‘para-celebs’ who have to maintain this image of perfection for their drones, er fans.  😀

I know this comes off as complaining or a bitch fest, or maybe some jealousy but honestly I don’t care.  I have never kissed anyone’s ass (para or otherwise), I don’t plan on starting now…. I’ve got this far in life being me. Nothing else, not fake, not a charade, just me.

I love investigating the paranormal, making contact with spirits, and meeting new people… I do not enjoy, egos, assholes, those who use you or closed-minded people.