“Para Unity”

para-unityThe term “Para Unity” has been thrown around quite a bit lately, from everyone who hates it to those who love/support it. Lots of strong feelings on both sides, which honestly is great! We in the para field are passionate people with many different backgrounds and lives, its what makes us a unique group overall!

Some things we need to realize with “Para Unity” is that one governing body in the paranormal just will never happen. Too many strong willed people! But we all can work together, share knowledge, listen to each other, then make conclusions on what we will believe from their. And most importantly except that not everyone will agree ~ look at Orbs! Understanding is important key to any form of unity.

Many theories have different names, but same definition, (Subjective Apparitions, can also be called projection as I refer to it as.) As such we need to understand each other, as most paranormal terms in a way can be considered our “language”, without understanding we all get lost in translation with each other and a huge divide separates us, before we even begin! Knowledge shared is an important key to any form of unity.

Another thing that needs to happen for “Para Unity” to work is that we all need to stop being territorial… What does that mean? It means the owner, client, board of directors who ever runs or owns a home or business has the say who investigates it. NOT YOU OR YOUR TEAM! Sure you may have some input, but its ultimately their call. Respect  is an important key to any form of unity.

Also, this all investigations are private crap has to go! If a client/business wants to keep it quiet you do, but otherwise you should not hide that you’ve been to a place unless an agreement is in place for such! Sharing of what you found whether its E.V.P.’s, Video, Picture, or Nothing….. Should be known! It will only help end speculation about a “haunted location’s” true nature. Example: if similar evidence is found by groups at different times leads to credibility of the place! Honesty is an important key to any form of unity.

Last thing that I think some groups do is hide behind “Para Unity” to bash…. They may not mean to, but they do. Backing a friend is one thing, backing a friend with no shred of evidence and spreading lies or untrue statements is total BULLSHIT. It makes you all look bad, professionalism folks ~ its not that hard. And we all fair at that but its being able to say that yes I’ve messed up I have…. It’s what you do after you except that you are not an end all to the paranormal world, but a link in the chain ~ you can be one of the strongest links or one the weakest links ~ that matters the most!  Accountability is an important key to any form of unity.

And you may be wondering why I say “Para Unity” in quotations.. its simple because its just an idea.. It can go under many names, fly under many banners, but first we have to stop waving our flag proclaiming we follow “Para Unity”.  If its about us as  a whole, stop the name dropping of your group, why don’t you try something different and name drop someone who you respect or emulate? It’s better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier.