Paranormal Q&A with Russ Stiver

Who are you?

I am Russ Stiver, Co-founder of Collective Paranormal Research Society out of Youngstown Ohio and also radio personality/host of Batteries Drained: Tales of an Investigator on

Explain your Methodology?

I approach every situation with an open mind, trying to figure out every possible way for something to be explained.

Favorite Haunts?

I have had the pleasure and honor of visiting quite a few locations, but I would have to say, Madison Seminary/Ohio Cottage in Madison Ohio is by far my favorite location.

Personal Experiences?

I’ve had to many to recount. I have had personal experiences from my first investigation at Mansfield Reformatory all the way up to my past investigation at The Cardome Center in Georgetown KY. My most memorable would have to be actually assisting in crossing over a spirit at Madison Seminary.

Why did you get into the Paranormal?

I was 13 years old and doing headstone etchings with my parents at one of the oldest cemeteries in the area. My dad was part of a group that went down to help restore and clean up OSR (Mansfield) and asked if I wanted to come along one night. Since then I have been hooked and doing as a hobby, but it has turned into more than a hobby for me.

Whats next?

I am currently on a support team for a huge investigation taking place in Maryland that will be filmed as a 2 hour special. As for CPRS, we are working on booking up our investigations for 2012 and planning our annual public Halloween event.

Do you think that paranormal shows gives groups a bad reputation?

I respect the TV shows, but with respect does not mean like. Ghost Hunters paved the way for paranormal investigating to be less taboo in society. Different shows have taken that structure and have built off of that since then. Some good, some bad. I think the shows have gotten the foot in the door for a lot of people but it has also made a lot of people “weekend warriors”.

Name some Random Facts about you?

I am an accomplished poet, being published over 7 times in various magazines, books, and newspapers. I am an author working on releasing my first book entitled Batteries Drained. A long time friend and I have completed our first horror based movie script and have submitted the script in 3 (three) horror film festivals.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

I am a believer. With what I have witnessed over my 10+ years in this field it is hard to dispute my personal experiences and evidence. I have always said, a skeptic is just a believer that hasn’t had an experience yet.