Paranormal 101 – Basics to Investigate

We’ve been meeting a ton of groups and individuals who are starting out spending tons of cash on gear they really don’t need (yet) in our opinion.  So we’d figure we’d post our takes on paranormal investigation basics:

Always carry I.D.

Get Permission to investigate the property & check out the property in daylight for safety issues!

Audio Recorder – To record E.V.P. Sessions and of course document other possible anomalous noises.

Camera (video or still) – To take pictures or video to capture hopefully some unexplained activity.

Batteries – Just in case the ones are drained or malfunction, you won’t miss a moment of the case!

First Aid Kit – Never hurts to be safe!

Flashlight(s) – Again safety First!

Notepad & Pen – All else fails take them along and write down the times and occurrences as they happen. Simpler way to start before you spend some money on more advanced gear.

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