Paranormal 101 – Orbs

 Orbs….We don’t think another word draws up as much debate in the paranormal world as this one. It is the most common type of evidence people use as claims of paranormal activity and is often used by groups to “prove a haunting”. They are believed by new groups, experienced groups and people who are capturing them, aka, non-ghost hunters, to be spirits caught on video or in pictures. Another popular belief is that an orb, is a ball of energy, a spirit’s energy form that is free floating.  We have also heard of orbs being spirits or spirit guides, demons, astral creatures and of course just energy, like ball lightning,  since energy is neither created nor destroyed. In reality, there is no proof or scientific back up for any of this, well except energy is neither created nor destroyed part.

We have now talked about the most common beliefs are so let us proceed into the truth. What orbs “REALLY” are. Orbs have been scientifically debunked as a modern creation with no prior examples to the availability of CCD lens (digital camera) technology (have you seen orbs in pictures predating digital cameras? Think about that for a minute, then read on…) and it’s inferior ability to focus (this is especially true of cell phone cameras which cannot in any way compare to professional grade or even consumer grade cameras readily available), they are the predominant form of paranormal images on the Internet.

Do digital or film Cameras Capture orbs the most often?  Orbs are most commonly gained using digital cameras with built-in flash though not always. While many photographers with archives of photos report having occasionally seen “orbs” in their photos gained with film cameras, no solid evidence has been presented that this is not a modern light artifact error arising in the use of CCD lenses both in standard off the shelf cameras, cell phone cameras and the recent rise in reports of orb photos may be directly related to the common availability of digital cameras. It should be also noted that size of the camera is another consideration in the recent infestation of orb photos. As both film and digital cameras have steadily shrunk in size, reports of “orbs” increased as well. As cameras became smaller, the distance between the lens and the built-in flash also shrank, decreasing the angle of reflection back into the lens causing less focus on small light artifacts and thus an orb appears. A flash does not need to be present any light source that reflects or refracts from dust, moisture, etc in the air (it’s there moving with the air currents) and that enters the cameras lens (which it does otherwise you wouldn’t have a picture in the first place) can cause an orb artifact to appear.

Orb Explanation

Causes of Orbs: Solid orbs – Dust, pollen, insects, etc. Liquid orbs – Water, e.g. rain. Foreign material on the camera lens like a finger print. Foreign material within the camera lens Foreign material within the camera body, like again dust/moisture. There are also orbs showing up without any “environmental” explanation i.e. no visible dust, rain, moisture, snowing, or light reflections, etc. It should be noted that these particles or moisture are small, and are present in our environment at all times undetectable to the naked eye, but always moving.

They simply follow the air currents. 99.9% of orbs that move in “intelligent” ways are insects, such as small gnats. ”  Ok. so what about the I see a face int hem people? They are simply seeing a natural activity called “matrixing”, which is the human mind’s tendency to find familiar images in complex shapes, patterns or colors.

“Now on the end on this I’ll tack on that I don’t believe orbs are anything more then dust, moisture, energy, etc, definitely not spirits. But I have seen a ball of light with  my own eyes that was not a reflection. SO what does that mean? IDK, but that’s why we do what we do… we explore the unknown for answers.  So their you have it ORBS – the fact, the myth, the debate rages on.” – Cedric





From a cyber shot manual, effectively telling you that orbs are normal dust, pollen, etc...
From a cyber shot manual, effectively telling you that orbs are normal dust, pollen, etc…

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