I have created a page (www.paranormaldictionary.com) with a single goal, to break down walls in the paranormal community, to share experiences, places, and the people/history of paranormal.

All information on this site should be fact based, not advertising, I’m not saying advertising is evil, but it doesn’t belong here.

www.paranormaldictionary.com is something special, its the only free and open place on the web, a library for the paranormal.

Here you can meet groups and interact in ways you never knew possible. See who else investigated the same place, maybe share notes build a better more unified foundation.
When his site was founded it could easily have been made with with advertising banners all over the place, like some of the others that have popped up since our launch, but I decided to do something different.

I’ve worked hard since becoming part of the paranormal community to work with anyone and everyone in it. Share the knowledge I’ve learned, as well as listen to those who been doing it longer then me.

I know no one gets rich in the paranormal field, less then 1% in reality, it costs a lot to run a group or do investigations, but if everyone reading this donated $20, we would only have to fundraise for one day a year. I know not everyone can or will donate. And that is ok with me.

Please consider making a donation you can help to protect and sustain this idea.

Thank You,

John C. Fowler
www.paranormaldictionary.com Founder & Midnight Watchmen Founder