Paranormal Q&A with Adam Kimmell

Adam Kimmel

Who are you?

My name is Adam Kimmell (of Resident Undead).

Explain your Methodology?

My methodology for approaching the paranormal changes on a case to case basis. Before I began my research in the paranormal, I researched the backgrounds of several well known individuals in the field. I noticed that alot of them had “guidelines” and “rules” to investigating the paranormal. That never made sense to me since we’re investigating the “unknown”. How could one ever put rules on something we don’t understand? My guidelines are simple, I keep an open mind and I adapt to the situation presented.

Favorite haunts?

The Axe Murder House (Villisca, Iowa), Ohio State Reformatory (Mansfield, OH), Madison Seminary (Madison, OH), Rolling Hills Asylum (Bethany, NY), Prospect Place (Trinway, OH), The Calvin Center (Youngstown, OH), Sedamsville Rectory & Abandoned Church (Sedamsville, OH), Old South Pittsburg Hospital (South Pittsburg, TN), and of course… Bobby Mackey’s Music World (Wilder, KY).

Personal Experiences?

I have had countless experiences which have left me baffled and confused, and most to this day I still have no explanation. Although, out of all the locations I have spent the night in, the most powerful personal experience was in Villisca Iowa. For those who know very little to nothing about this place, 2 adults and 6 children were murdered in their sleep by a monster wielding an axe. The murderer had found a way into the house while the family was out one morning at church. It is believed he waited all day in the attic until nightfall to where he would then sneak out, and butcher the family in their sleep.

Fast forward to 12 hours into our investigation. We had just finished up, and we were packing up the equiptment. It was probably around 5:30am and I was left alone in the house for a little while Jim and Dan were packing up things in the barn outside. I was in the living room right next to the piano shutting down my laptop when I could hear what sounded like footsteps walking around in a circle above me. The room directly above me was the children’s room where 4 of them were found murdered. I stopped what I was doing and looked upwards to a vent shaft above me. I couldn’t see anything looking down through it, but what I heard next still gives me chills down my spine. I looked up and said “Hey, you had all night to get our attention, but we’re going to head home, we got a long trip”, and right after that I heard the voice of a small female child say “I see you”. Almost in a playful voice like it was a game of hiding go seek. I froze in my spot with chills going down my body. That moment will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Another notable experience was when I was investigating Bobby Mackey’s Music World. We had decided to use me as bait infront of the well by cruxifying me right infront of it. It is rumored and popularly believed that satanic rituals took place infront of the well. So we figured what better bait than having me strapped to a cross unable to run away. Daniel was tied to a metal pole down there so he couldn’t run either. After a few minutes of taunting the demons, I could literally feel the cross shaking. I relaxed my body thinking it was maybe me shaking it somehow, but as I stood there completely relaxed, the cross kept vibrating. This wasn’t light vibrating either, it was considerably noticable. After taking it in for a few moments, I asked the question “Are you the one shaking this cross right now?” Everything went silent for a moment as daniel and I listened for a response. Only seconds after asking the question, it sounded like something was crawling up the well behind me. The crawling sound stopped and I heard one of the most demonic voices I ever heard right behind me say “yeah”. And this wasn’t a typical “yeah”, this was drawn out and filled with hate. Our full episode of Bobby Mackey’s Music World will be released mid to late November of this year, 2011.

Why did you get into the paranormal?

I think most people get into it because they had an experience and want further answers. I had always believed in the paranormal from a young age. Not because of experience but because I really enjoyed ghost stories. As a child, these stories frightened me and intrigued me at the same time. It was like having a blind faith, something inside me just believed it was real without an experience. It wasn’t until 2006 that I really started getting into the “ghost craze”. I would watch various shows on TV and even stuff on the internet. Although, I didn’t get into it because I thought it was “cool”, I literally got into it because I thought the people on tv were faking it. If you think about it, everything we catch from EVP’s to shadows can be faked. I reached a point where I said to myself “The only way to prove this is happening for real is if I go out and do it”. Sometimes the only way to become a full believer is to put yourself into an exterme situation… almost like you’re asking for it.

Ironically, like I said, as a child these ghost stories scare the heck out of me, and now years later here I am in an abandoned cemetery at 3am calling out the dead. That was my first experience that got me into the paranormal. I decided to go to an abandon cemetery near my house at the time, armed only with a digital voice recorder and camera and see for myself first hand if this was really happening. Well I got what I asked for and I was able to catch a spirit voice or electronic voice phenomena on my digital voice recorder that said “help”. Shortly after that, I recorded what I believe is a partial body apparition only feet in front of me out there. After that experience, it was no longer my blind faith in the paranormal that made me believe, it was actually seeing and hearing it first hand. Ever since that I set out to explore some of the countries super haunts.

What’s next?

After my first experience, it wasn’t long before I put together a team known as “Resident Undead”. The team consists of Jim Leopardo who I met at Hill View Manor in New Castle, PA. Daniel Hooven, my long time friend and fraternity brother at Slippery Rock University, would join in next. He had found an interest in what I was doing after he read my status on facebook that I was going to go to Villisca Iowa to hunt the devil. He was intrigued by my new found mission to document paranormal activity and asked to come along. His decision to join Jim and I would give birth to our team. We consider our episode in Villisca to be our “season premiere” to our Season 1. In our Season 1: “From Cemeteries to Asylums”, it covers 7 major locations and has alot of extra bonus material covering other locations we did before “Resident Undead”. I always find it very important to film and document these locations. To me, what’s the point of doing this if you don’t have the proof. It seems like everyone has a good “ghost story”, but unless you have proof, I’m really not interested.

My mission is to get more people aware of the paranormal. By mixing entertainment and science, I hope to pull more viewers from the mainstream into our paranormal community. For Season 2 which starts in Feburary of 2012, we’re going to hit it even harder and cover eight even more extreme super haunts from the Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV to The Sallie House in Atchison, KS.

Since I do my own production from scratch, our team is not limited by the views and perspectives of a tv network. We are able to give you uncensored and raw paranormal activity. That probably is what is most unique about what we do, our ideas are from the drawing board to your screen… unaltered.

7. My first dream location would be “Auschwitz”, the German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp. I do not agree with one single thing the Germans did during World War II, although I think we can all agree why I would have selected this location.

My second dream location would be “Golgotha” where Jesus was cruxified. This location is probably found on a hillside just outside of current day Jerusalem.

8. Do you think that paranormal shows gives groups like you a bad reputation?
– With our experience on a certain major television network, we saw first hand how “production” can change the image of your group. Alot of what we said on Paranormal Challenge was taken out of “context” and used for “entertainment value”. I do not hold it against them for altering our image the way they saw fit because in the end I understand it’s about the ratings. We all know ghosts are real, and our objective is to reach out and get as many people involved as possible. Just getting someone’s attention through “entertainment value” to watch the show means that someone else now knows what we’re doing. Only our personal youtube channel gives us justice for what we are, and you can find all of our episodes at . I usually tell people to judge us after watching those episodes.

Name some random facts about you?
– Random Fact 1: I enjoy drinking a cold sprite when I wake up.
– Random Fact 2: If I’m saving up money, I have to do it in 100 dollar increments.
– Random Fact 3: I have had several conversations with my deceased grandpa via EVP.
– Random Fact 4: Whenever I play roullette at a Casino, I will always put money down first on black.
– Random Fact 5: My cats name is “Olive” and my dogs name is “Huey”.

Are you a skeptic or believer?

I think with everything stated above, it’s pretty obvious… the dead never left.


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