Exploring the Paranormal, One Idea at A Time

When I first started paranormal investigating I definitely was all about the science and proove it to me attitude, but that change about a year into it. I met some people with gifts, as in like psychic gifts. Now up to that point i’d been a hardcore skeptic of that, but that case opened my mind to many ideas about psyche and the soul as well.  It led me down a path asking not just the how I go about a case but how can I go about the case to get the best results for everyone – Client and Midnight Watchmen?

I think lately in the field of paranormal studies and investigation something crucial is almost left behind, like a used tissue and that is ideas. I know someone out their reading this is like ‘but their are new ideas all the time!’. While that is true, too many investigators, hunters, researchers and so called experts dismiss ideas with out a thought or respect for the ideas presented.  Religion is a prime example on how some just dismiss a notion because it dont fit into their perfect vision of things, problem with that thought is “their vision”, not God or whomever they follow. (and i’m not knocking religion, just people generally).

I think the human notion of i’m right you’re wrong is so strong at times that people can’t open their mind to the possiblities of something different it this world or the next. As someone who is open minded, atleast I think so!  I feel that its the only way to approach a case or an idea is to be open minded & to explore the paranormal, one idea at a time….