Paranormal 101 – E.V.P. Sessions

We’ve seen a lot of people trying to do E.V.P. sessions, and most of them do a poor job. So let’s take a look at how to properly execute and review an EVP session.

First off lets start with the audio recorder. A decent digital audio recorder can be bought at any electronics or mart for around $35 or so the more expensive ones work just as good as the cheap ones usually. Try to avoid the old cassette recorders, we say this because simply digital has no tapes to buy and simplicity of playing back/saving of audio clips/file. We use RCA & Sony models and they haven’t failed us yet. If it uses a proprietary file type, they usually have an audio program that installs itself into your computer the first time you plug it in allows you to convert the files over to .wav or .mp3 format.

Okay so you’ve got your digital recorder(s), you’ve got your supposedly haunted location… what do you do now? We introduce ourselves and ask simple questions like “Is there anyone here that would like to speak with us?”.  Allow about 10-15 seconds for a clean response. Avoid moving around or moving the recorder while you’re waiting. It gets boring but it’ll save your ears from a terrible scratching sound during review. Try for yes or no questions, or questions that only need short answers. A good very short list of questions to ask, but not the only ones are:

How many people are here?

What’s your name?

What year is it?

Why are you still here?

Do you want us here?

Do you have a message for anyone?

You to have to try and remember that you’re talking to former-people. They can lie, they are fallible, and they might not always know the answer or they might just plain not want to talk. Most more of them are willing to talk then not.

So it’s getting late and it’s time for you to head back home. So what do you need to review your recorded audio you may ask? Headphones, noise cancelling are preferred, and are a given for audio review. As far as a computer program goes, we’d suggest Audacity. It has several filters and it’s about as user-friendly as programs come. Audacity also allows you to easily separate sections and loop them and its Free!

Audio file? Check. Headphones? Check. Computer, Audacity? Check check check. So let’s listen to what you’ve recorded. You’re listening to anything out of the ordinary, such as extra voices, heavy breathing, sighs, or anything generally odd. If you do find something you need to listen to it carefully, listen to the it atleast 10 seconds before and after this sound for any possibly explanations. If possible go back to the location and try to replicate the sound. Only after you’ve exhausted any possible explanation should you begin to consider that it’s paranormal.

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