Paranormal Q&A with Erik Bee

Erik BeeWho are you?

Erick Bee, host of The Hive and Emergency Encounters on the Para-X Radio Network. Independent paranormal investigator from the Boston, Mass area. (The Hive is Sunday 6-8pm ET and Emergency Encounters is Monday 10-11pm ET.  Tune in at!

Explain your Methodology?

My methodology is “tough,objective and scientific with a little dash of the spiritual and a healthy dose of skepticism”.  I like to use all of the accepted scientific methodology and ideas in my investigating while trying to prove a few theories and ideas of my own.

Favorite Haunts?

I guess so far my favorite would have to be Fort Mifflin.  There I had one of the most profound paranormal moments of my career.  It was something that I’ve never really experienced before, cannot truly put in to sufficient words and really would love to experience again to prove to myself that it was a true experience.

Personal Experiences?

I’ve had three really amazing experiences.  The first one was on the U.S.S. Salem in Quincy Harbor, Mass – I was hearing disembodied voices, footsteps, and the sound of a metal cart being dragged across the mess hall floor when I was in the bunk room below the empty mess hall.  There were only a handful of people on the ship at the time, and we were all in that bunk room hearing these sounds echo through the halls of the ship.  Second one was my experience at Fort Mifflin – I was in the Powder Magazine in complete darkness and as my eyes adjusted I started seeing the swirling luminescent mists and shadows swirling all around me. I cannot fully explain exactly what I was seeing but it was something I have never truly seen before and the image has stuck with me.  I’d like to go back and see if I can recreate that same experience. The third one was an EVP recording.  We were investigating a private residence in central New Hampshire.  Another investigator and I were doing an EVP session – we asked the typical questions “what’s your name?” and “how old are you?”.  We didn’t get a name but the age question had a distinct and unmistakable response of a young child saying “six”.

Why did you get into the Paranormal?

I grew up around Salem, Mass.  I’ve always been around witches and witchcraft.  My dad has always been a prophetic dreamer his entire life.  So growing up, we were really open about the paranormal and talking about the paranormal.  I did not experience my first “ghost” until my late teens.  The house we were living in appeared to be haunted.  I started really investigating in 1995 when a local college was hosting a lecture on the paranormal and folklore and historical experiences.  One of the speakers was giving a lecture on his experiences as a “ghost hunter” and it hooked me.  It was very old school back then – analog recorders with magnetic tape and VHS cameras – very different from all the equipment we use now.  But it was that lecture that really got me interested and sparked the fire for the paranormal.

Whats next?

I don’t really have anything specific coming “next” but I know that whatever it is will be exciting.  I’ve always believed that the journey is the most fun of what comes “next”.  But I also think eventually I’d love to take the Hive mobile, doing shows live from haunted locations all around the country.  I’d love to get involved in more events and fundraising for historic sites and haunted locations.  Eventually, I would love to write about book about investigating as viewed from more of a skeptic’s view of the field.

Favorite Haunts?

If I had to pick out a single place, I’d like to go…I would love to go to a haunted castle in England or Ireland.  The span of history and life and suffering those places must have seen is breathtaking.  Just being able to step back into history like that and try and connect with someone from a wholly different time would be amazing. Plus the stones themselves, which have held for all these years … you can only imagine the energy they must hold.  I think it would be quite the experience.

Do you think that paranormal shows gives groups a bad reputation?

Absolutely.  I am not a big fan of paranormal TV shows, although the people on those shows, I have no ill will towards.  Those shows are meant to be entertainment – not any kind of documentary about ghost hunting.  Its all overly edited.  Its a Hollywood version of “ghost hunting”.  The worst thing about paranormal tv is that they use psuedo-scientific theories and half-tested ideas and put those across as fact.  They then stand on their “celebrity” as the evidence to make their “theory” plausible.  When I investigate at public events, I waste a lot of time explaining to the general public why I don’t necessarily do the same things as the shows you see on tv and why those shows are wholly entertainment and should be viewed as just another partially-scripted show.
Name some Random Facts about you?

I am an amateur photographer and love taking shots of light houses.  I like watches.  I love hardcore music (Listen to the Hive and you will get a taste  during my bumpers).  I met an amazing girl through my radio career that I am crazy about.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

I am a healthy skeptic.  I am a believer in the sense that I have had enough experiences to know that there is something beyond death and something else in this world – “ghosts” exist.  However, I am extremely skeptical of the majority of evidence that people put forward as so-called “evidence” of the paranormal.  Most of it is natural phenomena misrepresented and defined as “paranormal” when there is a more earthly explanation.  So I set my bar very high in terms of what evidence I filter out of my investigations.  I believe that what is then left over is really the best of the best for supporting the idea of “life after death”