State of the Watchmen – 2011

2011 started off on a high note, coming back from our Gettysburg trip in December in which we were the FIRST to do do DUAL investigations at Jennie Wade House Museum & Solider’s Museum/Orphanage! Thats both places in the same night same time, we did it for nights in a row! A big thank you to our Friends Chris and Kendra from Spirit Realm Investigation who helped fill out our numbers. This was just the first of many interesting things for us. We spoke at Delaware Valley College to students in March about the paranormal, which was awesome and I hope we are invited back again! We attended our first expo in June at the Historic Bolton Mansion, in levittown. July brought a tandem investigation with NJSPR.  In August Bekah Liz decided to leave the group and we wish her the best in her future paranormal plans, she is now over at Parahistory. We welcomed Mandi Simone in September to our family as our new researcher. October has been jam packed with changes & Events! We welcomed officially a long time friend and awesome person Christina Smith to our ranks. We attended our 2nd ever Expo at the historic Fort Mifflin, in Philadelphia. Our first local event we helped promote and had a table at was the Tylersport Firehouse Haunted Hayride, which was a blast! We also had our first public meet and greet at the OBR Hotel (Old bethlem Road Hotel) in Quakertown & Scheduled our FIRST public reveal of our findings of the OBR Hotel for sometime in 2012!! Should be a very fun filled night! We also have a few  Open Positions available, Video person (2), Photographer, Researcher (2), and a marketing person to help with logo designs/other marketed related things.

All in all we the Midnight Watchmen are growing towards more then just ghost hunters, we are explorers of the unknown and as such I expect 2012 to really be an interesting year. We plan on having our first DVD of cases available for sale early in the first quarter of 2012! In the works is a public ghost hunt at a historic tavern and the year will also be filled with joint cases with other groups, a few new members and more importantly we’ll be shedding some light onto the dark… Knowledge and helping people is the core of our “business/hobby/field”.  And That is what we do best!

In closing I’d like to thank my team from our current members to the ones who are no longer with us, as all of you have had an influence on what the Midnight Watchmen have become and will be tomorrow.  Their are not words for me to express my joy and happiness in doing what we do, for me it was a dream since I was child to be a “ghostbuster”, this the next best thing to that, only thing we’re missing is an Ecto-1, but if that’s all we’re missing that ain’t too bad….