Paranormal Q&A with Jonathan Ness

Jonathan Ness

Who are you?

Jonathan Ness, Vice President of Operations for AdventureMyths

Explain your Methodology?

AdventureMyths has a different approach to paranormal investigations from most groups, so our methodology is a bit different as well. Our mission is to help preserve a historic location’s haunted history on film. We only work with public, historic locations making us different in that we do not take on private residence cases. When we investigate a historic location, our goal is to preserve that location’s haunted history on film by creating a high quality documentary to either post on YouTube or create into a full DVD documentary. To date, we have created six DVD documentaries . With all of our DVD documentaries, we share rights with the featured historic location so they can reproduce the documentary and sell in their gift shop to help raise funds to preserve the location. This is a service we provide at no charge to the locations we work with. (More information and our documentaries are available on our website at Our documentaries include three parts; the history of the location, personal accounts from staff and/or visitors of paranormal experiences and our investigation. Like most groups, our methodology starts with researching the history of a location and conducting interviews but we also have to keep in mind how to translate our findings onto film. Typically, we spend a full day at a location filming interviews and b-roll footage. We then conduct our paranormal investigation that night or over the course of several nights. Our investigation methodology is much like most groups but we put a lot of effort into making sure everything is captured on film. For example, during our EVP sessions we try to make sure we have 2 or more cameras recording at different angles to film the entire room. With AdventureMyths, if we have four members on an investigation two will be focusing on just filming while the other two will be focusing on devices such as recorders, EMF meters, thermometers and the Ovilus. After the investigation, evidence review is only part of the work left. All footage has to be reviewed, a documentary story board is created and the huge task of creating a royalty free documentary is left.

Favorite Haunts?

AdventureMyths is not a regional or state investigation group, we are international so I always love locations outside the United States. Ross Castle in Ireland was not only where Frank Polievka, AdventureMyths Founder, shared his idea for AdventureMyths with me, it is also a fantastic location to investigate. To be able to stay in a location with such a long history and is in such a remote location; it makes for a life experience I will never forget. In the US, some of my favorite haunts are Iron Island Museum, in Buffalo NY, for the class A EVPs that are routinely recorded there and Historic Jordan Springs Resort, in Jordan Springs VA, for what appears to be a very strong spirit on the third floor. • Personal Experiences All of my personal experiences with the paranormal have been since I became involved in paranormal investigations. Over the years, I have heard footsteps above me where I could see through the cracks in the floor boards to verify no one was on the floor above, seen orbs with my own eyes (the only ones I believe in), heard voices when no one was there to make the voices and heard movement in rooms that were empty. Every investigation I go into, I am hopeful for that ultimate personal experience of being touched or to actually see an apparition. Unfortunately, I am starting to think seeing an apparition requires some level of psychic ability that I do not posses.

Why did you get into paranormal?

Unlike a lot of investigators, I did not have some sort of experience that compelled me to investigate the paranormal. I was just a kid that loved movies and shows like “Ghostbusters” and “X-Files”. My love of the Hollywood version of paranormal lead me to study real cases of the paranormal involving UFOs and/or hauntings. Once paranormal reality television came into existence, I was of course excited to see that it was possible to do more than just read about the paranormal. I joined a message board for a local Washington DC based investigation group and followed them as well as studied what they did. After about a year, they started looking for “contestants” to be on a show that they were filming a pilot episode for. They were looking for people to compete to see if they had what it took to be a paranormal investigator. While the pilot was never picked up, the group was impressed with me so they brought me in as a member. It was in this group that I met Frank Polievka and got to know him. In late 2006, Frank and I had a conversation about how we had lost interest in investigating private residences. It was at this time Frank shared his idea for what would become AdventureMyths with me. It is now five years later and we continue to only do bigger and better things!

What’s Next? We are currently in talks with a few locations that I will refrain from naming since we are still in the early stages of working with, but it looks like 2012 will have us working with a historic theater in Virginia as well as one of the most famous haunted hotels in the United States. We also plan on taking part in Phenomenology 104 in Gettysburg, PA as well as ScareFest in Lexington, KY.

Dream Case/Investigation?

In the US, I would love to investigate the City County Building in Salt Lake City, UT. I was able to film the exterior of this castle-like building and discuss its paranormal legend in one of AdventureMyths recent videos posted on our YouTube channel. Outside the US, I would love to investigate Bran Castle (“Dracula’s Castle”) in Romania.

Do you think that paranormal shows gives groups like you a bad reputation?

Not at all! I think the paranormal shows have made historic locations more willing to be open with any paranormal legends involving their location. Thanks to the paranormal shows there is a large public appetite for anything paranormal and this has helped historic locations tap into a source of funding that is needed now more than ever as state and federal funding become less.

Name some Random Facts about you?

I have been a police officer for over eight years now. I enjoy doing wood work. I am border line obsessed with stuff with a pirate theme…don’t know why, but it dates back to before the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. I love to get out and ride my motorcycle but don’t you dare call it a Harley!

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

I am a “skeptical believer”. I find myself being more skeptical of those making claims of paranormal, since becoming involved in paranormal investigations. This is probably a lot of the reason I lost interest in private residences. I think there are too many people out there that are just craving attention and create stories of paranormal activity to fill that need for attention. While I do believe in ghosts, I still want that definite proof like a touch or to see an apparition. Hopefully, one day (or night) I will get to experience this “proof” that I am looking for to confirm my beliefs.

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