Paranormal Q&A with Nancy Bobbing

Who are you?

I am a normal person, working part time during the day and an investigator with Private Paranormal Investigators whenever I get the chance. Some people think the latter is not normal, but, then again, who are they to say what is normal? Have they had experiences they can’t explain? I’m sure most of them have.

Explain your Methodology?

This varies on the place and the reason for the investigation. Base readings and pictures are always taken by someone in the group. After that, if it’s a “known haunt”, like the kind you pay for, i.e. Burlington County Prison, Fort Mifflin, etc., then during the investigation, I prefer to sit quietly, and, respectfully ask questions. If it is a client, then, I try to base my questions more on what was revealed by the client.

Favorite Haunts?

Fort Mifflin is my Disney World and Hillview Manor is my Disney Land. One is close, and the other takes a while to get there. Both are very much worth it.

Personal Experiences?

I’ll let someone else answer this one. Mine are ongoing. Even last
night. I am almost afraid to go to bed tonight.

Why was the group was formed?

I believe, of course, like most groups form, ours formed out of not only a common interest, but, of personal experiences. I pretty much never heard of the TV show “Ghost Hunters” until after I started investigating. One of my friends was in a group, and, when she told me about it, I had to find one that was closer to home.

What’s Next?

Fort Mifflin. After that? Some things are in the pipeline.

Strongest Evidence with link to it?

Some of these are private, so, cannot share a link. I’ll never forget that first disembodied voice though.

What’s your most asked Question by people?

Are you crazy?

Dream Case/Investigation?

Only those where I can actually help someone. I get the most gratification out of the client investigations. The others are just for shits and giggles, but, oh so fun!

Do you think that paranormal shows gives groups like you a bad reputation?

I believe no one can give your group a bad reputation other than your group. Our best quality is INTEGRITY. TV shows? I wish I had a nickel (dollar, times are tough) for every time I tell someone “you know, that’s MADE FOR TV, right?”

Tell us a strange but true fact bout you?

I’m afraid to listen to audio review at night by myself. Some of those things are just too creepy.