Paranormal Q&A with Brian J. Cano

Brian J Cano


“Foundation, Repetition, Experimentation”

Favorite Haunts:

Grand Midway Hotel, Stanley Hotel

Personal Experiences:

Over the years, I’ve experienced many things I cannot explain – sights, sounds and even smells. never have I seen a full bodied apparition or been addressed by name, but collectively, everything I have experienced is too massive to dismiss or ignore.

Why the Group was Formed:

To explore the unknown and to try and shed the light of truth on the local rumors we’d heard about places.

What’s next:

More SCARED!, more Haunted Collector (editors note: Haunted Collector has been picked up for a 2nd season! – Cedric), more lectures and speaking appearances, more conventions and more teaming up with groups across the country.

Strongest Evidence:

See the Grand Midway Hotel episode on our website –

Most Asked Question:

Lately, it’s been, “When is Haunted Collector coming back?” but usually, it’s, “What’s the scariest place you’ve ever been to?”

Dream Case:

A haunted castle in Great Britain

TV and reputations:

I tell people all the time that no matter what the topic, you cannot get your education from TV. Sure, you can learn things, but TV is for entertainment…be inspired, be driven to learn more, but never let TV be your only source of information, especially the paranormal. You can’t watch any of the shows and think you can emulate them and be successful…just like I can’t watch House M.D. and then think I can operate on people…it just does not work. I don’t think the shows give people a bad reputation, I think the people who carelessly try to imitate them gives themselves a bad name, and then, the rest of us.

Strange Fact:

I eat french fries in pairs of the same size if possible. Size them up, pick two of the same size, dip and consume. :)


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