Jennie Wade House Museum, Gettysburg, PA – 12/3/2010

The Jennie Wade house, originally the McClellan home, lived through the Battle of Gettysburg and witnessed the tragic death of Gettysburg civilian Jennie Wade, as she was preparing bread for the Union soldiers. This brick house was not a good spot to be in during the fighting as it was between both armies and commonly referred to as “No Man’s Land”. Northern soldiers were setting up defenses South of town while Confederate forces were occupying the North side of town. As both armies fired on each other, the Jennie Wade home was struck repeatedly and riddled with bullets. The north side received most of the damage as it faced the Confederate position and today is marked with over 150 bullet holes. Also causing damage to the Jenny Wade house was a Confederate 10-pounder “Parrot” artillery shell. The shell hit and entered the Jennie wade house going through and causing damage to the 2nd floor wall that separated the two dwellings. Fortunately, the Civil War projectile did not explode, and remained lodged in the house for many years after the war until it was removed. Evidence of this direct hit can still be seen today while taking the tour of the Jenny Wade house. The house is now a museum and contains a Gift Shop in the rear.

Jennie Wade House DSCN0451
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Members Present: Cedric, Jonathan Brandis, Bekah Liz

Guests: Bob Michels (guide)

Time: 6:00 pm to 12:00am

Temp. (Average): –° F

Humidity: Unknown

Moon Phase: Unknown

Wind Speed: Unknown

Weather: Unknown

# of Pictures: 239

Hours Of Video: 25 Hours, 33 Minutes, 52 Seconds

Hours of Audio: 17 Hours, 31 Minutes, 25 Seconds


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This was the first night of dual investigations both at the same time of Jennie Wade and the Orphanage/Solider’s Museum. No other group has ever tried that with the shared history of the places.


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