Paranormal Q&A with Felix Gomes

Felix Gomes

Who are you?

Felix C. Gomes – Founder of Haunted Operations Team of PA

Explain your Methodology?

We investigate by pairing technology and intuition.

Favorite Haunts?

Fort Mifflin, Gettysburg, Shanley Hotel

Personal Experiences?

Many and varied. I have been touched, whispered to and seen shadow figures.

Why did you get into paranormal?

I grew up in a haunted home and have always been interested.

What’s Next?

Someone, somewhere will come up with the one piece of evidence that is absolutely irrefutable.

Dream Case/Investigation?

Either Ground Zero or the White House.

Do you think that paranormal shows gives groups like you a bad reputation?

In some cases, yes. However they do provide wide spread attention to our cause and make it a little more palatable to the general public.

Name some Random Facts about you?

I have lived in PA for 6 years and was born and raised in New York. I have three cats and live, sadly, in a non-active home.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

I am a skeptical believer. I believe that spirits exist however, I must be shown proof to believe that they exist in certain areas.