Paranormal Q&A with Audrey Hamilton

Audrey  HamiltonWho are you?

I am the Secretary and Case Manager for the Meadville Paranormal Investigation Team ( in Pennsylvania.

Explain your Methodology?

Once contacted, we will set up an interview where we go to the location and have the client(s) explain everything that is going on while we record it. We take a tour of the location and do some investigating on the area to see if we can find a reason to explain the occurences. From there, we meet and figure out how many people we will need (generally based on the type of suspected haunting, size of the location, and people’s schedules), fill everyone in on what is occuring at the location, and discuss our plan of action then go from there.

Favorite Haunts?

I believe that there can be a part of each investigation that could make it my favorite. However, I think the ones that will stick with you the most are ones where you have an experience that you absolutely cannot find any other logical explanation for.

Personal Experiences?

When I was growing up, I would be laying on my bedroom floor coloring or watching tv and my door would open like someone was checking on me, then close again, but nobody was there. In the same room while trying to sleep, I could hear someone sit and move around in the chair at my computer desk (it was a metal frame with a wooden seat and back that would make distinct noises when shifting weight in it). Many years later and in a different house, I was home alone and it was close to midnight and I saw the very distinct shadow of a man walk into the kitchen from the back stairs hallway where I happened to be standing. On one investigation with MPIT, I froze with my arms at my side and was unable to move. I felt as if ropes and chains were wrapped around my body and someone was holding me down inside of a wooden barrel. On another occassion, a few of the Team Members were having a session with a Native American Shawman that we are associated with, and he was showing us different methods of protection. While sitting on his couch, I was unable to talk or move at all and finally, slowly I was able to talk again and move my eyes. The Shawman said that I had been walked through, and after describing the time it happened during the aforementioned investigation, he said it had happened then also. He said the first time, the feeling of being held down and having the items around me was a spirit’s way of showing me what it went through.

Why did you get into the Paranormal?

My grandfather had become ill and moved in with us. He passed in 1994 and the room he was staying in became my room shortly after (this is the room where my door would open and I could hear someone sitting at the chair while I laid in bed). The same year, my best friend was in a tragic bicycle/semi-trailor accident near her house and was killed instantly – she was only 9 years old. I used to believe that it was one, or both, of them that would check in on me or sit at the chair and watch me sleep as I grew up. I have also known one of the Founders of MPIT since 7th grade, and we used to have a group with other people from school and we would discuss our experiences and things during lunch. With all of my previous experiences as well as interest in the unexplained, when the Founders asked me to join, it was a no brainer.

What’s next?

Hurry up and wait. I honestly believe that there is a connection between the paranormal and all of the natural disasters that have been happening these past few months. I have a very strong feeling that something big is on it’s way and it’s trying to knock people off their feet so they are less prepared for it.

Dream Case/Investigation?

I’m not really sure that I have a dream investigation. However, I have a huge heart and a want to help others, so I believe any case where we do not find anything harmful and can put our client(s) at ease would classify as my dream case.

Do you think that Paranormal shows gives groups like you a bad reputation?

I agree that perception is everything. One team member could absolutely disagree with every Paranormal show out there and think that it makes what we do look like a joke, while another member sees it differently. However, I believe it depends on a few things like the team’s intent, the network’s intent for the show, the personality of the team members, etc. For example, it seems that in all of the episodes of “Ghost Adventures” that I’ve seen, they go into the “most haunted place” in a location and Zak’s intent is to antagonize and taunt the entities at each location in hopes of getting the bigger results, but in reality, I do not feel that teams would do that on an ordinary basis. Therefore, things like that may put the wrong idea about other teams in someone’s head, so we are always sure to clear up any misconceptions during our initial client interview.

Name some Random Facts about you?

Although I have been a member of MPIT since shortly after the team was formed in 2008, I have only been on approximately 7 investigations with the team because I was serving on Active Duty in the Army. I just finished my 5 year contract and am back home with the team and looking forward to the future.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

I think that all people are natural born skeptics until they experience it for themselves.