Personal Experiences – OBR HOTEL



While doing an E.V.P. session in Room 4, I saw the hallway go dark for a second like a black mass moved by the door. We were up on the 2nd floor and nothing should be be able to block out the light from the windows which are decent size facing that hallway.  At the bar on the main floor while standing figuring what our next step was with Brandis in front of me, As we were talking I looked down and saw a ball of misty white light near the floor by Brandis.  I looked up to see if he saw it and he looked down to his left spotting it as well, we then both watched as it came towards me and then arced between us as it disappeared to my left. It never lost shape or intensity as it went between us.  We tried to debunk it as a reflection, but no vehicles had gone by and as low as it was to the floor would have made a light reflection similar to the magic bullet theory.


During an investigation at the OBR, Cedric and I went into room 4 to do evp work. While sitting on the bed and looking toward the doorway I saw a flash of light beyond my line of sight. It was like something either blocked out the light from the hall for less then a second or kind of like a flashlight being shined in for a split second. Cedric noticed something as well, being he was facing the same way as me. We went into the hallway to figure out what just happened. We were unable to explain it at the time. Later on, we were downstairs at the bar. I was standing with Cedric in front of the bar, setting up my full spectrum camera. While looking down at the display out of the corner of my eye I saw a white orb/mist moving between us. I then followed it with my eyes till it disappeared to the right of me. Afterwords I looked over at Cedric and we asked each other what we saw just then. Confirming we both saw something we started trying to debunk it as a reflection off a passing car. Though neither of us remember hearing a car go by. At the time we couldn’t debunk it and just hoped our DVR camera or the OBR security camera caught it.