Paranormal Q&A with Ray Savino

Who are you?

My name is Ray Savino, I am the founder of RTL Paranormal, located in the Hampton Roads, Va area.


I can’t say I have one, per say.  I learn from all the great investigators out there, ask lots of questions, and then incorporate their methods
into my own.  Then I take those methods, and take it a step further.  Always try something new and foriegn, regardless of how ridiculous it may sound.  You never know, it
might just generate an interaction with a spirit.

Favorite Haunts:

The Boxwood Inn (some awesome evps), Pinkadilly Tea (video of shadow I believe to be paranormal).

Personal Experience:

Fort Boykin:  I truly believe a religous woman, took my body.  I was trying to figure out why our ghost box would freeze on an very old, country religious music (guess the bible and crosses above the doors weren’t obvious, lol), and something went through me that was tranquil, loving…….almost grandmotherly.  Like how you felt when when you went to see Grandma.  I felt odd, for about 3-4 hours after our investigation.

Applewood B&B:   Very 1st time we  were in there, we went downstairs to basement.  We took took 2 steps and we all heard “Get out.”

Why the Group Formed: 

Well before RTL, me and and 2, others were in another group, that was lazy and not going anywhere.  So we banded together and formed RTL.  We want to help find answers to clients questions.

What’s Next:

Well RTL was just mentioned in Pamela K. Kinney’s new book about haunted Virginia, which is awesome.  We also have a sister group formed by a  great friend and paranormal investigators out there (Sue Ohlinger) in South Jersey.  The next step is rise above the others with hard work, dedication, knowledge and understanding of the field.  I want it so whenever a paranormalists thinks about the haunts of Virginia, all they hear is “Yeah, RTL’s been here.”

Am I a skeptic or a believer: 

I am a skepti-liever….lol.

Random fact about me:

I have probably one of the most warped sense of humor on the planet….lol.