Saint James Episcopal Cemetery, Bristol, PA – 10/20 & 23/2010

Several ghosts haunt this cemetery. An old “Iron Chair” is next to the grave of Merritt P Wright. The name of the chair is “The Witch’s Chair”. Legend has it that anyone who sits in the chair at midnight in the month of October, will have the arms of a witch encircle them. Not too far from “The Chair” is the grave of Gertrude Spring. Supposedly she is the women behind the “Midnight Mary” legend associated with Borderntown Road. Her white form is seen gliding across the road or walking on the water of Manor Lake. Sometimes she is seen hitchhiking in a dripping wet prom gown. She is allegedly the ghost of a young girl who died on the way back from a prom dance when the car in which she was riding went off the road into the lake.

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Members Present: John C. Fowler; Jon Bolton; Jonathan Brandis; John Beard; Bekah Liz, (Jeff Robbins on 10/23/2010)

Guests: Theresa Hegel (Reporter, The Intelligencer); Steven Gengler (Photographer, The Intelligencer/Courier) on 10/20/2010

Time: 11:00 pm to 12:45am (10/20/2010)

Time: 11:00 pm to 12:30am (10/23/2010)

Temp (Average): –° F

E.M.F. (Average): 0.2

Humidity: unknown

Moon Phase: Unknown

Wind Speed: Unknown

Weather: Clear

# of Pictures: 104 plus Newspapers

Hours of Video: 2 Hour, 48 minutes, 20 seconds

Hours of Audio: 3 Hour, 13 minutes, 37 seconds


Only interesting thing of note was as Investigator Jeff Robbins was sitting on the Witches chair he felt colder on his one side than on the other, his left was 60° and right was 70°.


We are looking into the article Mr. Jim Mullane wrote in the October 25th, 1991 edition of ‘Enjoy Magazine’ that was the basis for the Witches chair legend spreading in popularity…