Saint James Episcopal Cemetery, Bristol, PA – 5/24/2008

Several ghosts haunt this cemetery. An old “Iron Chair” is next to the grave of Merritt P Wright. The name of the chair is “The Witch’s Chair”. Legend has it that anyone who sits in the chair at midnight in the month of October, will have the arms of a witch encircle them. Not too far from “The Chair” is the grave of Gertrude Spring. Supposedly she is the women behind the ghost of “Midnight Mary”.

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Members Present: Cedric; Jon Bolton; Jimmy Graver; Tony Fantozzi

Time: 8:00 pm to 9:00pm

Temp. (Average): 74° F

Humidity: 37%

Moon Phase: Unknown

Wind Speed: Unknown

Weather: Clear

# of Pictures: 429

Hours Of Video: Coming Soon!

Hours of Audio: 57 minutes, 3 seconds


We had a wide range of Humidity from our base average of 37% slowly rising and as we asked for a sign of our presence it jumped to 53%! Then a few moments later dropped back slowly to 37%.


Beautifully quiet and peaceful except for the skunk, ground hog and a few people who had no respect for what we were doing…. Even though the legend states October we visited it to check things out and do a preliminary investigation. We will be back…


Coming Soon!