Private Historic Residence, New Hope, PA – 11/8/2008

This inn was built in the mid-1700’s, when this area was still a wilderness, as a safe haven for travelers. This Inn does not boast that it put George Washington up for the night. It was loyal to the Crown, and wouldn’t let him in. It was a center for Loyalists during the Revolution. In the early 1800’s a group of men arrived in the area to build a canal. The owner at that time, Hans, was stabbed to death in an altercation with these canal workers, and this is the source of one of the ghostly legends Guests have seen a woman in white walking the halls and sometimes sitting in a guestroom with a pearl-handled revolver in her lap, its said she is the wife of Hans. There is also a rumor that The Empire Room on the second floor is haunted. Apparently, the staff do not like to enter this room because of the uncomfortable feelings they get there.

Black Bass Hotel 100_4846

Members Present: Cedric, Jon Bolton, Jimmy Graver; Tony Fantozzi

Guests: Brian Glockler; Rob Williams; Melissa Strohl; Susan Graver

Time: 9:00 pm to 5:00ish am

Temp. (Average): 60° F

Humidity: Unknown

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

Wind Speed: Unknown

Weather: Rain (off and on)

# of Pictures: 394

Hours Of Video: 16 hours, 25minutes, 51 seconds — Mini DV Bolton & DVR

Hours of Audio: 43 hours, 06 minutes, 04 seconds


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Personal Experiences:

Upstairs Window by “Honey Moon Suite” About an hour and half in to the investigation a team outside noted what was a shadow moving around the upstairs area. ~ John Cannon

1st Floor by “Kitchen & Den” As I was talking to Tony, I saw someone for a moment who appeared to be John Cannon behind him. I turned away to get something upon turning back to ask him (Cannon) a question saw he wasn’t there. Upon asking where he went the resposne was he was upstairs the whole time. I do not know who or what I saw behind Tony. ~ Cedric


Being under construction & Renovations at the time of the investigation was difficult at times due to sounds carrying as their were few walls up and holes in the floors, sounds echoed throughout the building.


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