Pickett’s Charge, Gettysburg, PA – 11/14/2009

A park ranger on routine patrol one night noticed a man on horseback. Upon closer inspection, the ranger noticed the attire of the rider. It was that of a Civil War officer although the allegiance could not be ascertained. The unknown horseman approached to within 10 feet of the car and promptly disappeared.

Other visitors have reported the sound of galloping horses in the immediate area of The Angle, although none were present. Sounds of the cannons have permeated through time as people report hearing the thunderous roar of battle. One visitor even reported seeing Robert E. Lee himself, sitting atop his horse, Traveller, on the opposite side of the field. Its been said that during a stroll across the field on a warm summer night, cold spots were common. Going from balmy humidity to sudden cold, so cold one can see their breath, the fellow continued the path of Pickett’s infantrymen.

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Members Present: John C. Fowler; Jon Bolton; Bekah Liz; Tony Fantozzi; Jeff Robbins

Time: 9:00 am to 10:00am

Temp (Average): ???° F

Humidity (Average): ???%

Moon Phase: unknown

Wind Speed: unknown

Weather: Clear

# of Pictures: 16

Hours of Video: 00 hours, 42 minutes, 43 seconds

Hours of Audio: 01 hours, 17 minutes, 48 seconds




The wind killed alot of our audio, making it hard to really pick up any possible E.V.P.’s.