Bristol Cemetery, Bristol, PA – 9/26/2008

No one is exactly sure how many ghosts are roaming this cemetery. Plenty of Orbs and white lights appear out of nowhere. The voice of a young girl has also been heard. People trying to record the voice and the Orbs have reported their batteries going dead.

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Members Present: John C. Fowler; Tony Fantozzi

Guest: Dave Schumaker

Time: 11:15 pm to 12:01 am

Temp (Average): 68/72° F

Humidity: 90%

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent, 0.345% Illumination

Wind Speed: Windy with gusts

Weather: Scattered Rain

# of Pictures: 66

Hours of Video: 0 Hours, 00 Minutes, 00

Seconds Hours of Audio: 0 Hours, 46 Minutes, 29 Seconds


As for the Orbs being seen, a good number of the Tombstones in this and the adjoining cemetery next to it reflect light from the cars that pass by. One car will shine on over 10 different grave markers as it goes by, and out of the corner of your eye it would seem as if balls of light are moving, but when you look their gone. And their are lots of lights in the ground that are white and do go off and on. As for the little girl’s voice being heard, in the one section of the cemetery, houses are across the street. It would be no stretch to assume one could hear voices from them if they were loud enough. We heard two people talking as they walked by a good distance away on the entrance side of the main road. Open areas tend to let sounds and voices carry through.


We felt and saw nothing unusual when we were there. Only thing the pictures caught was the rain falling. E.M.F. was consistently at 0.0/0.1 milligauss.