Montauk Project… What Will That Wacky Military Think of Next.

The Montauk Project is the sequel to the Philadelphia Experiment, and I’m not talking movie sequels here. I am talking about a sequel in the aspect of military warfare and wacky weapon technology that could only be done in movie and not real life. I know the movie Men Who Stare at Goats was a big success and shed a comedic light onto the division of the military that tried to use their minds as weapons, but a lot of people don’t know that is was a serious business. Even to this day there are experiments and tests developing new weapons not of technological basis, but rather of the human mind and body. It’s like X-Men, mutants, working for the military as weapons type stuff if you want to put into plain easy to understand common language/explanation.

As I had stated in the beginning this is considered to be the sequel to the famed Philadelphia Experiment. I had already written an article about the Philadelphia Experiment so I am not going to delve into all that much. However a brief synopsis is that the Naval Destroyer Eldridge was docked in Philadelphia for a series of experiments to render it invisible. In classic science fiction the experiment went wrong, the destroyed disappeared and supposedly did some sort of time travel and when it reappeared again most of the crew had gone mad or were melted into the metal structure of the ship. Do I think this happened…read the article I wrote about it for your answer.

Now the Montauk Project was designed specifically for the development and deployment of psychological warfare. One of the experiments was in fact for the human body’s ability to conduct time travel.

There is no solid evidence that such projects even took place or were successful for that matter. Now a man by the name of Preston Nichols remembered his involvement with this project through repressed memory identification. It simply means he either used hypnosis or something clicked in his mind and remembered his past, both of which I don’t put any stock into. Of course the whole program was actually fought by congress but the department of defense decided to go ahead with and paying for it with capture Nazi gold. Now if this doesn’t sound like a blockbuster movie I don’t know what does, it is so far fetched about some of the experiments that have come out and the funding for the whole endeavor.

Do I think the government tried to develop psychological warfare techniques…yes I do and I still think they do to this very day. In fact I would be willing to et that countries all over the world are trying to create their own telekinesis soldier, too bad there is no real records of telekinesis listed in fact. If you want to go the Uri Geller route you can, but I will also consider you ignorant for your belief in a scam/con artists who bent spoons not with his mind, but trickery, just ask James Randi.

Be safe and wear those tin foil hats for defense,

Jon Bolton