Paranormal Q&A with Traci Law

Traci Law

Who are you?

My name is Traci Law. Aside from the paranormal, I am a wildlife and travel photographer, actor and have been known to work on an archaeological excavation or two, currently at Valley Forge.

Explain your Methodology?

I probably come from a slightly different belief system than most. I do not believe the spirits of the dead are among us. I believe what we encounter as paranormal is either residual energy (which has been proven as scientific fact), angels or demons. Those that interact with us are among the last two. As most investigators know, a good bit of the paranormal are personal experiences so I also rely on that much more than ‘tools of the trade’.

Favorite Haunts?

Wow, there are so many places to choose from! When I was leading public investigations at Ft. Delaware with Delaware Ghost Hunters, that place is active, there is no doubt about it. I had numerous experiences there. At the risk of sounding like a politician running for office, I honestly can’t choose just one or two – every site is unique and amazing.

Personal Experiences

I have had many personal experiences that would fill a book if I wrote them all down here but one that stands out involves Gettysburg. It was a few years back and I was in Gettysburg with my mom (who is a huge Civil War buff) for the day to do some photography. It got dark so of course we decided to head to Spangler’s Spring to wait for the ghost that supposedly hangs out there. We were parked and had the windows down. The small field next to the parking lot was what was next to me and I kept feeling like something was hovering out there…. something not nice at all. As usual, I tried to ignore it, wrote it off as my imagination and such. About twenty minutes later I finally asked my mom to turn the car on so I could be the window up. Her response? “You feel that too, don’t you?” Needless to say, we never saw the other ghost and got out of there pretty quick!

What’s Next?

Currently I’m working with sites as a photographer for events and just images they can use when applying for grants and such. I’m also working on a paranormal-related project that I’m close to revealing but not quite yet. How is that for suspense?

Strongest Evidence with link to it?

EVP’s. I have a lot of them, mostly from Fort Delaware though I have not put them up anywhere. There used to be audio from a video I got when with Delaware Ghost Hunters that was of a little girl clearly saying “friendly”. That was obtained when I left a video recorder running in an attic we had just left. It was about ten minutes into it so we were all long gone from the room by then. I’m not sure if that is still up on their website.

What’s your most asked Question by people?

Aren’t you scared to be doing that?