Paranormal Q&A with Les O’Dell

Less O'dell

Who are you?

My name is Les O’Dell and I am the founder of Midnight Talkers Paranormal Group. We are located in the little town of Barrackville, Marion county West V. We are a group dedicated to finding answers to paranormal activity.

Explain your Methodology?

We go about looking to find answers to activity in a more scientific way by using electronic equipment to capture said activity. We don’t usually do any kind of provoking we try and do the more subdued question and answer method.

Favorite Haunts?

My favorite haunts are the one more know as ghost haunts. The one with the banging, voices, stuff moving and of course apparitions but we are not discouraged from investigating any type of activity.

Personal Experiences

My personal experiences happened mostly as a child. for example as a child I lived in an old farm house were I could see what I later learned to be shadow people walking around the walls and I could hear whispering. This scared the hell out of me! It also intrigued and caused me to pursue answers later on.

Why was the group was formed?

The group was formed to find answers to my personal question as well as to help others with their experiences.

What’s Next?

Whats next for our group is to continue to do the same thing we do now. We are not looking for fame and fortune. We would like to expand our group by a couple people and buy some more advanced equipment.

Strongest Evidence with link to it?

Our strongest pieces of evidence are some evp’s we have captured and a photo from a private residence. You can see them on our facebook page. Be sure to look at the photo called face in the window. 8. We are asked the question what are evp’s alot.

Dream Case/Investigation?

I think for me my dream hunt would definitively have to be the St Augustine Light House.

Do you think that paranormal shows gives groups like you a bad reputation?

Although I watch them I do think sometimes the shows do give us a bad name with all the talk of fraud and faking. The only thing we bring forward to a client or things we post on our page is things that we cann’t explain.

Tell us a strange but true fact bout your group?

A strange thing about our group is the co-founder is my 14 year old son and goes on every investigation. He decided when he was 11, as a hobby he wanted to go ghost hunting. Hence the group was started a couple of years later.