The Hallow Earth Society… A Cadbury Egg it is Not.

Ahhh Easter Candy…it comes but once a year and is always satisfying. I remember the Easter baskets I would get containing jelly beans, sugar eggs, chocolate bunnies, peeps and my all time favorite of Cadbury eggs. I would easily eat ten eggs in a sitting, however not so much anymore since I have to watch my sugar levels. I remember sitting there and cracking them open and thinking about how much they were like the earth. A hard surface and yet underneath it was a flowing liquid of magma and toxic gas. Ok not exactly like a Cadbury egg, but you get what I’m saying. Now for years and even through my geology classes I was led to believe that this was in fact true, yet I came to realize that apparently I must be wrong. I discovered a society, if you want to call it that, that believes the earth to be hollow. Apparently this was not a new age thinking either, in some readings I have found that even Hitler himself believe in the Hollow Earth theory and that a tribe Aryan Race people inhabited the center of the earth. Aryan people and the occult…yep sure sounds like a wacky Hitler scheme to me.

Now I know what you’re thinking, this sounds way to far out to believe, well that is where you are wrong. In fact Hitler did believe strongly that the earth was in fact hollow and that a race of Aryan people inhabited that. In fact to this very day there are quite a number of people who believe in the Hollow Earth theory and they actually know where the entrance to it is.

Here is a sketch of what they believe to be the true and accurate depiction of what the earth is formed of.

Hollow Earth
Hollow Earth

It basically is an earth within an earth with people living their lives on the earths shell with a sun and moon while the inside of the earth lived its life under the crust with the core of the earth acting as a sun. The exact location for the entrance of the earth is said to like at 87.8 degrees North and South Latitude which would make it right at the polar caps.

Now there are those who feel that the hollow earth holds more to this earth and its history than just the Aryan race. Some believe that the inside of the earth holds the greatest of biblical mysteries such as the original location of the garden of eden, the lost tribes of Israel or even heaven itself. So heaven is where hell would be? That’s a bit of a swerve in popular biblical understanding.

When it comes down to it is the earth hollow? Well yeah in a way it is, but not livable hallow. The earth is hollow and filled with molten magma and toxic gases, that’s where lava comes from when volcanoes explode or the tectonic plates crack open. If the earth were in fact hollow I’m pretty sure we would’ve figured it out by now. I leave it up to you to decide, but I am willing to bet you any amount of money that it’s not livable inside the earth, heck it’s barely livable on the outside of the earth.

Be safe and have a Cadbury egg on me,

Jon Bolton