John Titor…Back to the Future Man.

When you think of the future do you think of flux capacitors? Do you think of hover boards? Do you think of Michael J Fox? No? Well then you must have been living under a rock and never saw the cinematic trilogy gem of the Back to the future series, and it was also a popular Saturday morning cartoon show. I am however getting off the real topic which is that of Mr. John Titor. Never heard of him, well you are not alone because while he may be known to only conspiracy theorists followers such as me, he is a bit infamous.

 John Titor was a man for the future or should I really say from the future as that is what the claim is. He got his name out there by posting on internet website forums between 2000 and 2001 with his drastic predictions of the impeding future. He claimed to be from the year 2036 and wanted to fill us in on what was about to happen to us and the world as a whole. He wanted to try and fix the past (our present) from becoming a chaotic mess that would soon occur.

Now if you take the time to read each and every one of his posts and then begin to examine them individually you will begin to see why people found holes in his story. However I will spare you the pain of doing just that because while I was aware his inconstancies I took the time to read the posts and I will admit that they are a good read especially if you know anything about time travel possibilities an you know you’re reading something that is made up.

One of the biggest things he states is that he came back in order to save the world from itself and N-Day which is when nuclear missiles passed in the sky as they destroyed targets in Russia, China, Europe and America destroying mot everything and the US needing to reform its capital in Omaha, Nebraska. Some have even said that this sounds like something straight from Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon. Could John Titor have been some fan of the book or could he have just been trying to stir things up because he was bored or could he have actually been from the future?

My vote is no to the whole entire time travel thing, do I think time travel is possible…anything is possible. Do I think we will be able to figure time travel out…doubt it highly, but I would love if we did. I think Mr. John Titor was a man who fantasized about the ending of the world and a new order of sorts. I think in his mind he was from the future, but this is what happens when you give internet access to people locked in mental asylums. To me John Titor was a flake and a talented flake at that because he sucked a lot of people into his claims as a time traveler even if they didn’t believe him, Why do I say he was a flake and not a genius for doing what he did, well mainly because he didn’t do anything after that. It wasn’t a promotional stunt of any type and nothing else has since come about it. The whole things reeks of hoax and scam, but I guess only John Titor knows the truth, or does he???

Be safe and don’t forget your flux capacitor,

Jon Bolton