Paranormal Q&A with Al Graeber

Who are you?

AL Graeber, Director of DVPRS (Delaware Valley Paranormal Research Society)

Explain your Methodology?

We are mainly a scientific based paranormal research group. We have to be able to prove evidence using scientific means.

Favorite Haunts?

Augustine Inn, Bolton Mansion, Knox Mansion

Personal Experiences?

All of the personal experiences i have had have happened while investigating. Unlike so many others i have never experienced anything before starting to investigate.

Why was the group was formed?

I formed this group because so many other groups weren’t accepting new members and i was kinda looking for something more professional that a lot of the groups i saw out there.

What’s Next?

Next for DVPRS we will get involved in videotaping our investigations so we can post videos on our website and You tube to showcase our team and investigating style.

Strongest Evidence with link to it?

We have a lot of good photo and audio evidence on our web page.  (Editor’s note:  Group & Site no longer active.)

What’s your most asked Question by people?

Don’t you ever get scared doing this?

Dream Case/Investigation?

I really do not have a dream investigation, just helping families out with there fears of the paranormal is good enough for me.

Do you think that paranormal shows gives groups like you a bad reputation?

Of course they do. The public looks at the TV shows and think thats what a Paranormal investigation is all about, provoking, acting like fools. In the 22 investigations that we have preformed we have amassed so much better evidence than most of the “TV stars” of the paranormal field

Tell us a strange but true fact bout your group?

We are not afraid to experiment. We are working on an experiment currently that we think/hope will give us an entirely different way of communicating with spirits.