Paranormal Q&A with John Levy

Who are you?

My name is John Levy and I am the founder of Olde City Paranormal located in Northeast Philadelphia.

Explain your Methodology?

Our methods for investigations are really basic. I also like to visit our family page of united paranormal international (upi) and see how other groups go about doing investigations and pick up new ideas. i feel in the profession of paranormal investigations just like any other profession we learn something new everyday and we are always open for new ideas!

Favorite Haunts?

I can honestly say i have two favorite haunts my first being my very first investigation which was burlington county prison museum it was there where i had my first personal experience (being touched) which was also captured on audio evidence. My second favorite would be an old nursing school which we had recently investigated three times and this was another time where i had a personal experience (being touched) and got a direct response during our second investigation in reference to being touched as far as i know this has never happened to anyone that i know of.

Personal Experiences

I have had quite a few personal experiences and for some reason entities like to make personal contact with me (being touched).

Why was the group was formed?

Our group was formed for pretty much the same reason everyone else was and that is too learn more and more about the paranormal and to help people with the experiences they are having. one of the new reasons which we have adopted is from a good friend of mine Glenn Orwan and that is to help out the historic sites who now longer have the federal funding to keep these sites afloat i think it is a great idea and O.C.P is onboard 100%.

What’s Next?

O.C.P next goal is to try to get all other groups to openly share investigative sites (not including private resident investigations for confidentiality purposes unless approved by the client which we had had previous permission). There is no reason why we can’t all work together and share ideas just as we did at the Bolton Mansion expo since we are all in it for a common goal.

Strongest Evidence with link to it?

Our strongest evidence we have is an evp with personal experience which i previously answered in one of the questions I don’t have it readily available but my partner Steve Rotondi has access to it this evidence has not yet been posted to our website.

What’s your most asked Question by people?

I am mostly asked about our evidence which i’m sure we all are considering the type of investigative work that we do but i assure people we are not a circus act and i don’t get paid to do this so i don’t think i would waste my time on a friday or saturday night at different locations when i could be spending quality time with my family.

Dream Case/Investigation?

My dream investigation so far has been to do Ft. Mifflin..hopefully we will get there soon!!

Do you think that paranormal shows gives groups like you a bad reputation?

I don’t think shows give us a bad reputation but i do think it makes it harder for us to produce evidence to the public considering all evidence captured by the tv show investigator are subject to criticism due to ratings!! no ratings no show so let’s spice it up THAT IS NOT US WHAT SO EVER!!!

Tell us a strange but true fact bout your group?

I can honestly say i don’t think we have anything strange about our group we our everyday working class people with families who are hard at work with the same common goal in paranormal investigations.One fact about our group is we love what we do but we don’t let it get the best of us we all have our seperate lives which we hold dear to our hearts but in the same token we go forth to help everyone as if they were are own family and our job is not finished till our client is satisfied!!