Bolton Mansion Paranormal Expo Experience

WHAT A WEEKEND! I felt like a kid coming home from summer camp! Got right on Facebook and started adding new friends! Then I would see John add someone, ”Oh! I need them too! Oh! That person was really cool too!” I met so many amazing groups, talented sensatives and some just flat out awesome people!

The first day (June 11th):
We were a little nervous, being our first event like this we were a little under prepared but we made the best of it. We made some great contacts and got to talk to so many different groups. Saw pictures other people had gotten on investigations. My personal favorite was of a young lady sitting at a piano playing during an investigation and “someone” walked by and swept her hair off to the side.
I got to do a walk though of the mansion with one of the gentlemen who was doing some of the repairs on the building. As we stood in the parlor I felt like there was a bug or something brushing the hair on the lower left part of my head. I kept trying to brush it away but it wouldn’t stop. As this was happening the guide said that when he was in the mansion working he would sometimes feel the little girl play with his hair on the back of his head.
Hmmmm… So I said, “If that is you, play with the hair on the other side of my head.” Amazingly enough, the sensation stopped on the left side and then started on the right side.
HMMMM…. “Ok… If that is really you, touch my hand.” The sensation left my head and I felt it on my hand. Also, as soon as that happened, my camera turned off.
I didn’t say anything, just took it all in. While we were upstairs, our guide was talking and I had to stop him.
“What is on the other side of that window right there?” I asked
“Nothing. Just the roof of the porch, why?” He asked confused.
“Would there be anyone out there?” I asked
“There damn well better not be! I was the last one out there and I bolted those windows closed!”
“Ok, the only reason I ask is that I just saw a shadow pass in the light there. I didn’t think it could be inside because there is so much stuff there, no one would be able to walk through there like that.” I said.

Day 2 (June 12th):
Back to the expo we went! This time with more toys in toe! We brought most of our equipment out for some show and tell, a photo album of some of our investigations, John’s lap top to have live chat with our fans on the web and keep everyone posted on the events of the day and a game camera… which caught nothing paranormal but got some great shots!
I was able to practice my Reiki at the expo! I always love doing Reiki but this time was even more amazing. I only had 3 clients, but it was so much fun! The first one was a young lady with complaints of headaches, as I worked on her head my shoulder started having muscle spasms. Trying to learn to trust me intuition, I asked her if she had problems with her right shoulder and she said yes. I began to work on her shoulder and my spasms stopped! I also worked on the girls mother, who enjoyed the session so much she stayed for a second round. My final client was a young man who had no clue what Reiki was, but he wanted to give it a shot! I love open minded people!! The young man said he was just stressed out and having troubles sleeping at night. He just wanted to relax. In less than 5 minutes the young man was out cold and snoring. When he woke up after the session, he said he felt so good, relaxed and refreshed. I love Reiki…
I got the chance to listen to Amy and Dustin, from TAPS, speak. I honestly had no clue who they were, in case you didn’t know… I don’t watch TV. I also got the chance to hear John Zaffis speak, I didn’t know who he was either, but when I heard demonologist I went running to hear! They were all very nice and had some great information. I got to hear some of their stories of their own personal experiences. It was a great experience for me to be able to listen to them, I think it has helped me be able to open up a little more and talk about the paranormal… before unless I was with the Midnight Watchmen, I would never really discuss the paranormal.
I was able to go on another walk through of the mansion on the second day, this time with Jonathan Brandis in the group. Upstairs I felt what seemed to be a small finger brush across my hand. I stopped, looked down and all around me to see what I could have possibly brushed up against.
Brandis looked over at me, ”What’s wrong?”
“I think I might have just been touched.” I said, still looking for anything close enough that could explain what I just felt.
There was nothing around me though. I was standing at least 1’ away from the wall and there was nothing on the wall that could have been blown in my direction. Also there was no one standing on that side of me so it wasn’t human either… HMMMM…
All in all, an amazing weekend and one I won’t soon forget! I hope everyone who is interested in the paranormal will take the time to find an event like this. I can’t wait to go to another!

Bekah Liz